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I couldn’t think of a title so i described a painting in my house that’s just in front of me
It’s hard to think of a title sometimes!
I’m gonna try to blog more because it makes me FEEL BETTER when i do

The realisation that i had wayyyy too much going on made me mentally cut down on stressing myself out about some personal projects.
It’s just that i want to do SO MUCH and i don’t have enough time or “me”s to do it.
I have all these ideas i want to see carried out, and my problem is i think i can handle running five completely different projects simultaneously. And my team isn’t even very big. So there isn’t enough manpower. Because i don’t have enough money. Chicken and egg situation.

Anyway, i decided i just have to STOP being so crazy and canceled some things i said i’d attend this week.
I just cannot cope.
Once i did that, i got to work on my projects, and felt at ease.
I ENJOY my work so much more when i don’t have a gazillion things running at the back of my head because i try to fit too much in.

It had got to a point where i haven’t been exercising or eating as healthily as i would like.
Had to stop myself and think, “WAIT. Didn’t i already agree with myself that i am more HAPPY when i’m balanced?”
I have to make an effort to shift more time back into those compartments.

I wanna spend more time collecting ideas for my new home cos renovations have to start in November.
I wanna try some new raw food recipes. Bought the book by Mimi Kirk and haven’t even tried ONE yet.
I wanna need to return to exercising AT LEAST three times a week.

Actually, i shouldn’t write “I wanna”
I should write “I AM”

I am spending more time collecting ideas for my new home.
I am cooking a new raw food recipe at least once a week.
I am back to exercising at least thrice a week.
I am meeting up with one old friend and one new friend once a week.
I am meditating and reflecting more.
I am making a life chart out on where i wanna go and how i will get there.

Ok i guess those are my resolutions for the month.

God i’m so hungry now. And it’s 1:20am.
No. I shouldn’t eat. I should go to BED NOW.


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