A new Deeksha Giver

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So many changes have been happening in my life
Including this desire to know more about how to connect with God/Divine

I’ve known about the Oneness Awakening Course for a few months but never really felt like it was the right time for me to take it except when it seemed like the BEST time available to (they only hold it once a month) was this weekend. I was to spend 3 full days, but ended up only needing 2 days cos i had a one-on-one session with Lai Meng.

We go through some life lessons, meditation and healing (to clear my old charges so i can fully appreciate the present). I know it’s pretty out there. Even i have to admit that for a few split-seconds, i’d feel lame, and even frustrated and annoyed! It was so turbulent. But in the end, i knew that i wanted to be there and just… learn something.

I ended up getting a cert for being a Deeksha Giver.


That was really unexpected.
I didn’t even know i was gonna learn this (okay i admit i was bad, i skimmed through the course outline emailed to me :p).

So maybe now… i’m gonna be a real live fairy showering blessings unto everyone around me.

I tried just now during dinner.
I just imagine sparkly yellow sunshine enveloping the waitress that was so sweet to me.
Sometimes i imagine giant sparkly rainbows but another voice says it could be a bit too much.


“Too much” is just a concept humans came up with anyway.
Is the sea too much? I mean, there’s a fucking lot of water.
Is love “too much”? It probably is, cos everyone makes such a big deal out of it.

And it SHOULD be a big deal, cos we all ARE love.
That’s why it’s a challenge, it’s the very substance that pulls us to evolve.
Evolution cannot come without effort, so… we just gotta stop bitchin and make the best of it as we can.



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