Fairy out of order

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Or rather, fairy being serviced.

I’m spending this whole week doing a detox at Pure Health (which i’ve done before, read about *WHY i do it here*).

I thought i could easily get work done but i forgot how TIRING it is to reset one’s body.
It takes a lot of discipline, time and effort to love your body, mind and soul.
After putting aside time to make my morning meals, and some hours at Pure Health doing my hydrotherapy and lying in the infrared bed, i come home having to feed myself again, then feel like napping cos it’s tiring, then by the time i am ready to do some work it’s 8pm!! (I wake up at 9am by the way)

At the same time, i’m giving myself a break and making use of the cleanse my body is going through to meditate and assess some changes i’m undergoing of late. People are worried about me but i’m not worried. I may be confused, and antsy, but deep inside, i know this is something i just have to GO THROUGH whatever the outcome may be.

I’m learning the depth of being true to myself.
To listen to the voices in me, and to differentiate the sensation of “knowing” from that of “feeling” and “thinking”.
It’s hard when there are so many opinions around you but i guess that’s part of the journey… discovering out HOW to be true to oneself.

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