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Man. I don’t even know where to start with Awesomeness Fest.
It was like, the BEST thing i ever went to in 2013… and there is SO much to tell about it, not to mention the HUNDREDS of pictures i took over the four days it happened.

I made so many amazing new friends-for-life from all over the world, stretching from Africa to New Zealand.
I learnt, partied, laughed, cried, and EVOLVED.
I learnt SO MUCH STUFF, things which i’ve been sharing with lots of people since i got home, but i think it’s about time i start sharing it here with you all too, cos Awesomeness Fest 2014 is happening soon this June 12-15 in Phuket.

I FIRST heard about Awesomeness Fest when i went to Mindvalley for an event in January last year. Loved it so much i blogged about it *HERE*

Then i watched some videos on the Awesomeness Fest Youtube channel like the one below >

After watching it i was like, “What the hell is this… i have NO IDEA but i WANNA GO.”

What IS Awesomeness Fest?

In a nutshell, it’s a festival held annually in a paradise location, for anyone who is interested in:
– connecting with people from all over the world
– starting their own business/being an entrepreneur
– personal development and growth

In their words:

what-is-awesomeness-fest 1

Some of the best speakers in the world are flown in to the resort to talk to everyone about entrepreneurship, leadership, meditation, managing people, new scientific discoveries, everything! If you asked me… I’d say it’s a festival to teach you how best to live your life the way you want.

Just one example of a brilliant speaker is Lisa Nichols of Motivating the Masses. She is probably THE most powerful speaker i’ve personally experienced. She’s been interviewed by Oprah and Larry King, and has even spoken to up to 10,000 people in a stadium! (Afest includes an intimate complimentary workshop with Lisa which is amazing!)

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Besides all the talks in the daytime, a big party is thrown every night at different venues where Afest organises drinks, entertainment, dances, everyone socialises and parties till late… and every morning, there are different yoga, workout and meditiation groups for one to join. There’s a LOT going on!

Some pix of my experience in Afest Bali last year >


It was held in Melia Bali



Speakers i had the opportunity to listen to were Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols, Roger Hamilton, Khailee Ng, Clarance Tan, and more.

It’s not just the talks that make Afest so awesome… it’s the PEOPLE i met, who all contributed to the richness of my experience there.


My roommate Wendy from Singapore used to be a trapeze artist before becoming a pastry restauranteur!


With Vishen, the founder of Mindvalley and Awesomeness Fest!

awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-4  awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-6 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-7 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-8



With Steph, founder of The Luxe Nomad 


We impulsively taught everyone at dinner how to YAAAAM SENG (i still think it’s the best cheers in the world!)

Awesomeness Fest organizes all these Magical Moments for us to experience…

awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-11 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-12

… like an excursion to Uluwatu Temple to watch the traditional Kecak dance.

awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-13 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-14

There was also a “Gods & Demons” Theme Party where everyone dressed up!


With Khailee, the founder of SAYS


On our last night, we were taken to a location that wasn’t revealed to us till we arrived… GWK



Tom kickstarted The Stillness Project; with Ashraf


Beautiful Aishah; and Paul of All is Amazing


I guess we’re the naughty table


Some of the speakers from Afest Bali!



There is no age limit for Awesomeness Fest. I met people aged from 18 to 60. I saw children (whose parents attended the fest) sitting in on the talks and listening intently. Supre cute! As long as you understand English, anyone can reap inspiration and education from Afest.

The first step one has to do is send in an application. Yup. You can’t just pay and go for it, you have to fill in this form on what you do and what you think and why you want to go.

The reason Afest does this is so that they can filter it down to the right kinda people to attend the event – people who are driven, want to or are running their own business/es, want to better themselves, and want to contribute to the community/world. Every year, thousands of applicants vie for only 250-350 spots in Awesomeness Fest.

Awesomeness Fest is a 100% non-profit event. So all additional money it generates is donated to different global charities.

For more info, check out the link *HERE*


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  1. Farah says:

    whoa, it looks really awesome and funn!!

    x, Farah

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