Frankfurt Day 2: Kleinmarkthalle, wooden toys, modern art & a picnic by myself!

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Er… i’ve been in Europe for a week and only up to Day 2 of my travel posts :p Last night i went partying with Beatrice and Mario with their friends in a club on the East coast of Italy, and they dropped me home at 7:30am  >.<

I had to get ready in a hurry at 12:30pm to go out for lunch with everyone, and when Aunt G asked Mario to turn up some opera in the car, the elaborate sounds combined with my hangover made me go @_@”’

Here are some pix from my second day in Frankfurt! You can view blogpost on my 1st day *here*.


I went to walk in the food market aka Kleinmarkthalle. One of my FAVOURITE things to do when in a new city or country is to visit their local market, grocery store or supermarket! I love looking at all the exotic foods, fresh produce and if i’m in the supermarket – interesting label designs.


Scores of fresh fruit!


These nuts and chocolates were REALLY TASTY. The lady kept giving me samples to try and i unabashedly tried a bit of each and asked what they were. In the end, the chocs were so good i bought a packet for Uncle Mark cos he loves them so.


Oh this looks so much like pate du tete! I wanted to try some but didn’t think they’d let me buy a tiny bit so i just stared and it and salivated. Now that i’m looking at it again, i should have just BOUGHT SOME and coulda brought the rest to London with me!


Tongue… looks so gross but tastes SO GOOD. I love tongue.


Easter is coming!


Octopus! Anchovies! Squid! Artichokes! Gawd i love all this food! Bought some to take away for a picnic later that day!



How nice it would be to have your own garden and plant lots of flowers! <3


Of course, i couldn’t be in Frankfurt and not eat a frankfurter from the market!


By the time i left Frankfurt i was all frankfurted out and didn’t want to eat anymore sausages for awhile!

After my snack, i walked into one of those stores which sold designer accessories and home ware. Love pottering about in those stores. This really weird thing happened in the shop tho… as i was paying for a present, the guy asked where i’m from and i said Malaysia. Then he commented about the missing plane and burst out laughing…! I was in shock for a bit… and didn’t know how to react except say, “It’s very sad…” He apologised for laughing and tried to explain how it seems so comical that it can go missing.

Since i’ve been here, i’ve been getting the vibe/opinion (whatever you want to call it) that some of the European public think that it’s so humiliating for the plane to go missing and the series of events and press conferences that occurred thereafter. I’ve derived this from conversations i’ve had or unintentional eavesdropping. Hrmm. Even after some defence from my part i just change the topic or go silent cos i end up sounding stupid too.

Moving on.

Sam suggested i take this apple cider train where i get to do a tour of Frankfurt while drinking… apple cider duh. I went to look for the pick up point for the Ebbelwei Express but turns out it wasn’t running that day cos of the strikes.

Across the designated stop was a store filled with lots of colour which naturally caught my eye and pulled me in. It was selling wooden toys, which Germany is famous for. There were lots of carved ones, toys for toddlers, cuckoo clocks, games, etc.


I was so fascinated by these intricate carvings fitted into matchboxes. The figures are smaller than my fingernail.


Owls always made me think of Lynda

a-frankfurt-nutcracker wood-carvings-germany-3

Oh i really like the nutcracker dolls… but they were around 50 euros each and even though they were so beautiful, i am trying my best not to shop.

Frankfurt has many museums and i decided to pay the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst (Museum of Modern Art) a visit.

Of ALL the museums i had to choose to enter the day after i found out about Ami’s passing, i HAD to visit one that was having an exhibition on death, purgatory, heaven and hell throughout its entire establishment  across 4 floors -_-

Dahlah i was feeling emotionally fragile that day, some of the rooms were so grim/weird/dark/freaky, that i had to walk out in a hurry cos it made me feel worse. I didn’t take any pictures of those rooms cos it’s not like i want to remember them!





This exhibition was a video about an artist organising a bunch of people who dressed up in these white costumes, and silently paraded in circles before stripping them off completely.

b-frankfurt-am-main-museum-modern-art-13 b-frankfurt-am-main-museum-modern-art-12 b-frankfurt-am-main-museum-modern-art-11 b-frankfurt-am-main-museum-modern-art-10 b-frankfurt-am-main-museum-modern-art-9 b-frankfurt-am-main-museum-modern-art-8 b-frankfurt-am-main-museum-modern-art-7 b-frankfurt-am-main-museum-modern-art-6

I couldn’t help thinking how these copper sculptures looked so much like turd…


And in a separate room there was something that resembled a GIANT turd…


Felt quite tired after going through all the floors and rooms, and remembered how i wanted to go play in the hotel grounds. I RUSHED back like a maniac (cos there’s only one bus per hour from the train station to the hotel) so i could catch the last bits of sunshine before the sun set.


I carried my food and music to a clearing filled with thousands of daisies sprinkled on the ground and plopped myself down to enjoy the atmosphere.


This is my only souvenir from Frankfurt – a wooden toy bird that sorta chirps when you twist its base.


My packed food i got from the market earlier that afternoon.


Aubergine, artichokes in pesto and spicy flavours, tomato stuffed with cheese


Octopus and anchovies in oil. It was soooo delicious!






I was feeling rather relieved to have room service by myself that night. Was too physically and mentally tired to go for dinner with people and make conversation. Also, i was rather hungover that day if you remember… :p


I ordered myself pasta with truffle cream sauce 😀
All the food at the Kempinski is completely satisfying!

+ + + + + +

This trip was made possible by Lufthansa –
From 1st April 2014, Lufthansa will be operating a new direct route from KL-Frankfurt 5 times a week. Read:

I spent three days at Kempinski Hotel in Gravenbruch –
The Kempinski hotel group is Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group and have amazing establishments the world over.


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