Trying my best.

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Every time people tell me things like, “Hey, you’re doing great in life!”
I always reply, “Just trying my best.”

Recently i’ve been pushing my best to be even better.
My best is not to be measured by success, or money, or how awesome i look to everyone on the outside.
My best should be about truth, love, honesty, respect, peace… there are so many things that plague my mind these days on how i can be all these things while keeping my moods in check. It’s hard..!

My trying to eat healthier is hard.
My trying to stop smoking is hard.

I have my good days, and i have my naughty days,
but i’m not berating myself for them.
Beating myself with guilt will not help me feel any better.
Instead, i think of how good i am being by having that one day where i only ate salads or fresh raw food.
Or like this morning when i decided to meditate for ten minutes despite my other days i rush without a thought of prayer.
Or yesterday morning when i woke up at 7:30am to make Clem and myself fresh juice, and left my house for a workout at 8:30am.

I turned down two jobs this week alone which i’d like to share.

Both were for FMCG products, and after a simple research online by simply picking two ingredients used in them, i found out horrifying statistics and info on how these compounds are strongly linked to cancer. Feel free to google/read about them yourself, i searched up the side effects for Liquidum paraffinum and Methyl Paraben.

It wasn’t easy to turn them down at first… cos honestly, i WANT the money. It’s enough money for me to survive for a month. But after some incidences that have been happening of late, i thought to myself, “If this is my last day alive, what would i do?”

The answer came so simply –ย I wouldn’t do it.
Why on EARTH would i promote a product that is unsafe for people!?
That would go against all my beliefs i’ve been trying to instil in myself.

So for now, i have earned nothing this month as of yet.
It’s gonna be a real test of faith, but i want to continue saying NO to advertising things that i would not use myself.
I don’t know how this is gonna fare for my blog’s earnings, but deep deep down, i know i’m doing the right thing, and i feel good about it.

Now, can someone give me more emcee jobs please? :p


6 Responses to Trying my best.

  1. Chrisy Wu says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for the longest time and you’re truely my inspiration, Joyce! I’ve always struggled to focus on my self worth instead of my net worth, and this post enlightened me to know that yes, it’s a struggle, but it’s worth it! Thanks for being so genuinely awesome!

  2. Syaf says:

    I love your blog because your life seems so perfect… but now I love it even more because of your honesty! Hugsssss

  3. Daph says:

    I too have been an avid reader of yours for the longest time. I love your blog simply because you’re truely honest with your readers and after many years of being your follower i know you truely care about us, the people who enjoy following your journey. There are soo many bloggers out there who are all in it for money and vanity. You my dear, are in a league of your own ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. First time reading yr bloG. Caught u in the heat’s m’sia’s top bloggers.. keep up the good work joyce

  5. aw says:

    Girl, ideally you’d have done some simple Google-ing research on the colon cleansing, and that scanning device and what a scam it is.

    I’m furrowing my brows trying to reconcile that you’re trying to be “honest” and that literally crappy post on cleansing.

    I had the chance to talk to a specialist at the Universiti Malaya hospital while my mom had to do an endoscopy, and he was disgusted at how scammy these expensive cleansings are.

  6. Ginny says:

    Thanks for the info, I’m damn cautious now. But seems like most of the skin products contains these ingredients. Sobs!

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