Arriving in Bali

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Ahhh if you’ve noticed, i’ve changed the layout of my blog slightly, so i can post BIGGER pictures! I must say that the reason for this was looking at some of my gorgeous Bali photos and feeling that they deserved a wider width than just 500 pixels!ย But for now, you’ll have to bear with same-sized pictures cos i edited this little bunch last week.

We haven’t been to Bali for… a year? I must have gone a dozen times, and recently felt that i owe it to the rest of South East Asia to visit different countries there too, so i’ve been keeping myself away from Bali for awhile. Still, there is NO PLACE like Bali. As usual, when i looked out the window, i thought happily to myself, “I’m home!!!”

I was leaning on Clem with my spike bracelet and didn’t realise i was poking marks into him till he showed me. Whoops. You’re not bleeding are you?

For our first night in Bali, we stayed in Villa Bunga Hotelย which was very near the villas we’d move into the following days. I’ve never felt it worth it to stay in a private villa ever since one of our past experiences where AirAsia delayed our flight and i lost HALF THE TIME i could have had in my nice villa on the first night!

I had some food on the plane but Clem didn’t. Poor man was tired from working so hard, he passed out. We went to get some grub before… cocktail time.

One of those days i felt like wearing as many polka dots as i could.

Eating a mouse!

This is not a very interesting blogpost… i just want to post this for MY OWN MEMORY’S SAKE. We didn’t do much cos we were tired from the trip, i started getting into my book, and Clem borrowed some massive extension wire so he could shave his head.

We went to Aps and Fai’s villa after that for some evening drinks! There’s a nice pool behind as you can see… which i’m so sorry that Clem threw a glass into -_- (okay fine i did that in Bali before too but never again after i realised how dangerous it could be!)

Fai’s tattoo is so macho. Why not sex Fai? SEX REMINDS ME I’M ALIVE. Better than pain right?

Clem took a liking to Aps’ pink hat.

Fai was wearing the same singlet as Olivia did when Clem and i were with her in Bali in March 2010! Hence the pose… you can see the pic *here*

We were so fortunate to eat at this jazz restaurant Aps and Fai found, which happened to have a VERY talented singer entertain us ALL night. Her energy was simply amazing and we stayed till the very end even tho we were very tired and drunk.

I had steak tartare. I don’t know why… i always regret ordering one in Asia but i just felt like it. It was okayyyy but i can’t help thinking mine’s a lot better :p

The bouillabaisse was good.

Blur oysters.



OK next few posts will have MUCH NICER pictures i promise!



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