Anything Could Happen

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Pic taken from Tongue in Chic. I wore this to the SEETHROUGH launch.
white cap top & leather shorts; azorias
studded clutch; brisbane
shoes; topshop 


dress; doublewoot
shoes; benson chen 

If you'd like to WIN a dress from Doublewoot, just write a quote with the words 'Doublewoot' and 'Fairy' in it, and comment it on this post. The most creative one gets to pick any available dress online at Doublewoot 🙂 Deadline: 31st Oct 2012.

Edit :: Congrats to Ummi for winning the dress!


Went to watch Hotel Transylvania with Kev >
lace top and scarf; vintage
patterned pants; zara
beige & gold studded leather bag; topshop 
accs; johnny ramli + serefina @ thimble + thirtyfour 


Girl's day out with Aps.
green top; leftblock
striped skirt; h&m

Lookat my mermaid nails! I got two of this Barry M glitter nail paint in London (saving the other to give away). It's great to dash onto my melted manicure thanks to our unglamorous heat!

Got myself some NAKED leggings from Lah'Lah'Land. They're all hand-printed and very smooth quality. If you're not in KL, you can get them from Yesah.

More pix taken at the Lah'Lah'Land shop which is on the 6th floor in Sungai Wang, Lot 106.

They also stock Fullspot watches from Italy.

Toys not for sale. Haha.



2 Responses to Anything Could Happen

  1. FazrinKamal says:

    I have an idea for a drink:-
    Bacardi Rum
    Triple Sec
    Cherry Liqueur
    Blue Curacao
    Lime Jc

    Build into a Collins glass over ice with the heaviest liquids at the bottom and garnish with a slice of lime or a maraschino cherry.
    If it tastes good we can call it the Kinky Fairy or something.
    Sadly i dont have access to a bar at the moment so i couldnt try it out…

    Sorry if this appears twice, connection got cut off mid sentence…

  2. Jen says:

    All things are possible to those who believe and work hard. Especially when you have a doublewoot dress and a fairy, work it.

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