Juice x Heineken Progressive Tour @ Lost Malaya, Johor

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I saw Mira tweet about going to Johor so i DMed her asking whether she’s covering Legoland too. She said, no, and that they were all going down for the Heineken x Juice party and asked me to come. So i went la.

After waking up at 6:30am and walking around Legoland till 5pm, i was seriously grimy and tired. I skipped dinner with the rest of the media group so i could rest…. and party at night! Priorities priorities. My body may not be able to take running around for so many hours, but give me a disco nap and i’ll party all night.

That night i wore a deer top from Old Blossom Box Store; and sheer polka dot top from Azorias.

Tianna and i ordered some room service at 10pm, then got ready to go out. By the time we reached at 11pm, the party was going at it already. It was packed, people were drinking and dancing. I was like, hey man, time to catch up!

Ah Xu and Mira

Xu, Ethan, and Beverly

I haven’t seen Ethan for so long..! He was the one who first invited Sarch and down to play as SalahWrong in Johor a few years back. *i found the post here!* Which is when i met some of the Johor peeps, and i met up with them again this trip! I forgot how awesome Johor is… WHY DID I NOT GO BACK FOR SO LONG?!

Joey and Melvin.

Johor people know how to party. Look. I even took a video cos i wanted to show the KL peeps back home.


Kenny & Tianna

With DJs that night: Kevin and Yi of KBnL DanceFloor Hell

With Kenny from Roost juice+bar

We were introduced to this girl and her name is… Elmo! I told her that she’s really so small and cute, like Elmo; and she laughed. Guess what… she laughs like Elmo too! Adorable eeeeeee *cubit*

Flex and some friends from Singapore came over for the party. I said how come they come all this way and he answered parties in Singapore cannot make it already.

Crowdsurfing in JB sial

We ran around the place, and i met two girls Jillian and Stephanie (amazingly, i remember their names but perhaps not their faces now…) who told me they’ve reading my blog since college. AWWW!!!

Ti and i left the event after it was over (of course) and went for an after party at Kevin’s place called Eats and Beats.

Tianna, my awesome partner in party time! I was so happy running around talking rubbish with everyone, and every now and then, i’d check on Tianna to see whether she wanted to go home. She’d say, “Okay, in half an hour, i think we should leave.” Then 45 minutes later: “We should go in 20 minutes.” Another hour later: “We should leave in 15 minutes…” In the end we went home at… 6am! Crazy. I don’t think i could last that long anymore in KL. But in Johor… you just don’t wanna leave cos the vibe is so awesome!

Kevin Soh (I think Kevin Yeoh should meet Kevin Soh)

Sea Wong from Roost bar+juice

Elvis from My Little Corner salon & restaurant



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