Bangkok – Chatuchak & Partay

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Erh this was a few weeks ago… i have so many things to blog about, and my blog can’t keep up with my life. Can’t complain there.

After THAT night we didn’t go out, Cammy and i woke up pretty early to tackle Chatuchak market. We took our time having breakfast in bed, then getting ready and before you knew it, it was noon. Was intensely hot in Bangkok. It’s like the haze and pollution TRAPS all the heat into the city’s bubble. I came prepared for the weekend market and brought my tiniest shorts and top to sweat in.

We split up with the other girls cos maneuvering 9 girls shopping would be impossible. As it is i’m usually a lone ranger when it comes to shopping. So ’twas just Cammy, Elicia, Tina and i meeting up to have lunch in one of those awesome tiny cafes in the middle of Section 4/5 (can’t remember, i usually eat there before i start my shopping). Cheap Thai food and the fact it’s filled with Thais only makes it a good sign for us to chow down there too. Had the best spicy pork soup which we slurped quickly, salads and fried chicken.

Comfy silk polka dot flats for 220 Baht / RM22!

Aย snack of strawberries + chili

Tina. We were at this store selling shirts for 100 Baht / RM10.

After shopping for 7 hours we went back to Tina’s bro’s place to chill and wait for the others to finish their massages.

Iย love the African masks Chris has!

We went for dinner at this swanky Thai restaurant where i forgot to take any pictures because i was JUST TOO TIRED and hadn’t changed/made up for clubbing like the rest so was feeling real ick.

Cammy, Tina, Elicia

We all went to Sirocco, the most beautiful sky bar in Bangkok, for pre-clubbing drinks. There was a jazz band and singer performing on a platform, which wasn’t there the first time i’d been a few years back. Really beautiful place to go to and a drink will set you back 500 Baht / RM50.

Serena, me, Cammy

Tina & Kim

Steph, Jacie, Serena

Then we went to a club in Thonglor (whose name i can’t even remember despite being there twice!) and drankkkk and partieddddd.

Man, i think this trip to Bangkok has GOT to be an annual thing with girls now.



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  1. Jacie Tan says:

    the club we went to is called Demo, its in a place called FunkyVilla.

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    haha thanks jacie!

  3. SC says:

    Oh my! I JUST saw this. Goooooood times! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. CY says:


    May I know which stall did your friend get the necklace? Thx!

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