Apsy’s Belated Birthday Dinner

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Jess and i cooked roast lamb and sticky garlic potatoes.
She wanted to make flower garlands cos it was Midsummer's Day in Sweden
but we didn't have time.
So the three bunches of flowers she bought sat pretty on the table.

Oli helped with the gravy while JP sipped beer.
The recipe is from Nigella's Feast cookbook that Aps gave me.
What goes around comes around.

Dinner was supposed to be at 8pm.
Oli and JP arrived at 8:30 and they were the earliest.
Fai forgot his wallet and had to turn back halfway
Clem was working till late.
We didn't really care what time everyone came.
As long as they turned up!

I got lost trying to walk Oli to the right lift
and she said i fail.
We started eating cos JP had a shoot early next morn.
The lamb was perfect pink and tender
and the potatoes were addictive.
I discovered that one clove of garlic does not equal to one bulb.

Nick made us drink shots every time the table fell silent for 3 seconds.
Tequila with cinnamon and lemon is dangerous.
Cammy tried to make me snap a picture of her with a fridge magnet as her hat.
I took a video of the idiocy instead.
Was immediately forbidden to post it up anywhere online.
Aps and Cammy were MFEO and incidentally wore matching black tutus.
Kenny thinks tutus are weird to wear out.

Dhanya turned up really late
but i'm happy we got to see her!
Clem and i called for a taxi to go home which was 2 minutes drive away.
Neither of us were fit to be behind the wheel.
Taxi fare is nothing compared to the value of our lives.
Never be stingy to take a taxi home if you drink!

The next day i could barely talk cos we'd
chatted and screamed and laughed till our throats hurt.
A night in with some of my best friends is love.












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