Fish + Greens for Mondays

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Seeing how we usually consume more alcohol over the weekend,
i’m trying to make more fish + vege dishes for dinner on Monday nights.
It’s probably more like a psychological effect that it makes us healthier bla bla bla but it works for us!

cooking aioli + salmon + vegetable broth

cooking aioli + salmon + vegetable broth

First time i tried making aioli = olive oil + garlic + mustard + egg yolk + black pepper.
I also threw in some shreds of basil and fennel tops for flavour.
Because Jamie Oliver said i can.

cooking aioli + salmon + vegetable broth

This is a fennel.
I didn’t even know how to cut a fennel before that day.
When in doubt, google.
And google will bless you with many-a video on how to cut fennel.

cooking aioli + salmon + vegetable broth

Oh bear with me, i got quite excited about cutting fennel the right way the first time!

cooking aioli + salmon + vegetable broth

I’m not gonna post pictures of the vegetable broth i made cos it’s not that interesting (and i didn’t want to get steam on my camera lens).
Just threw the veggies into chicken stock in a pot.

I was so semangat, i even slipped basil and mint into slits in the salmon before frying it.

cooking aioli + salmon + vegetable broth

I’m usually very fussy + critical over my own cooking,
but i’d say this was my favourite i’ve cooked so far!

cooking aioli + salmon + vegetable broth


My crispy fried salmon covered with aioli,
with long beans + pea pods with basil and mint in a light broth.

I’m not bothering to write down the recipe cos you can just view it *here*!

4 Responses to Fish + Greens for Mondays

  1. kimberlycun says:

    looks absolutely yummmy!

  2. Chrissie says:

    Oh that DOES look good. Well done!

    The basil and mint in the salmon slits are an interesting idea, i may just have to try that one of these days. Thanks!

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    kim: thanks! it WAS! you should try it, super easy and enjoyable to do

    chrissie: thanks to jamie ;p

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