My first time holding a chicken carcass.

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“Woo… come and see this!” i yelled to Clem from the kitchen.
Made him peer at the chicken carcass i’d bought to make chinese herbal soup, so he could share my naive disgust.

It may sound silly, but true, that most city people don’t enter the world of livestock, carcasses, fruits and vegetables as others (others meaning those who cook haha).
Heck, i remember ClaudiaOnCrack’s reaction when we went to a village and she saw a rooster and a pineapple plant for the first time.

I *have* seen my maternal grandmother killing a chicken by slitting its throat over a drain before,
and for a young child, i sure as hell can remember the red blood dripping very clearly and abundantly!

I’d decided to attempt (you’re going to hear me use the word ‘attempt’ many times along with my posts on cooking. Cos they’re all attempts, lest they don’t work out) making herbal soup cos Clem and i were both having terrible food poisoning for 2 days.
And i thought some soup would be better than nothing for him to get down his throat cos he was refusing to eat like a little boy.
I also tried making 4 Heavenly Kings vege, this Chinese dish i absolutely adore and pay RM16 for (a tiny dish) every time i feel like it.


Didn’t take a picture of the raw carcass cos my hands were too messy and i wasn’t focusing on taking pictures!


Four-angled beans, ladies fingers + chilli


onion + garlic + aubergine



I actually liked how all the bits i threw away in the sink looked.
Different shapes, colours, textures and sizes!
Please don’t scold me if you think i’m cutting off bits i should be cookingย   :xshy:


The veggie turned out exactly like the one i always buy… so i’m surprised how easy it was to cook cos i assumed Chinese food takes more skill and timing.
I was just banging balls trying my luck, cos there are no specific instructions with timing on recipes online.
Maybe this is the true Chinese in me coming outย   :xpleased:

My only problem is… i’m the only one who likes this dish.
And after using up all the veggie i bought to cook the dish twice (so i wouldn’t waste anything) i’ve got sick of eating it 4 times (4 portions) and don’t want to cook or even buy it anymoreย   :xwhatevah:

So that’s that and i’ll have to think of something else to cook this week if i have time before Shanghai.


Herbal soup turned out tasty.
Chicken stock + carcass + flesh + herbs + ginger + carrots + dried mushrooms.

Was so tempted to throw in chicken’s feet cos i love it,
but knew Clem would refuse to touch the soup if i did, being the super anal kwailo who thinks Chinese people eat everything they can get their hands on, if i did.

I have to get a fine metal sieve so i can get all the small bits out before we drink it next time.

Yeah, can you believe it.

The next thing on my What I Want To Buy List is a metal sieve.

 :xwhatevah:  :xsilly:


Cassie keeps on moving around in high places now that she’s older.
She was on the lights that day.
Now she’s on top the high kitchen cupboard and i can’t get her to come down.

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8 Responses to My first time holding a chicken carcass.

  1. faz says:

    get some fine cheesecloth with the sieve and you can make a consomme. i like four heveanly kings too but for some reason not many other ppl seem to like it… and who wouldnt like kaki ayam ?

  2. Dylan says:

    looks yummy, now i’m hungry. XP

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    faz: good idea thanks! and kaki ayam, most white ppl just cannot take kaki ayam ๐Ÿ™‚

    dylan: aw that’s a compliment! heeee

  4. Nisa says:

    I didn’t know Kacang Botol is four-angled beans in English. Hehe! Thanks to u for expanding my vocab today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. lynn.wabbit says:

    personally, i reckon chinese food is one of the easiest to cook. just chop and throw everything in. but it’s also the yummiest! can’t run away from our chinese tastebuds. haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Nicholas.C says:

    But but but… he’s French no? They eat gizzard and liver and intestine… but not feet?

  7. JoyceTheFairy says:

    nisa: well i didn’t know vice versa! thanks for expanding my malay today haha

    lynn: loveeee chineseeeee fooddddd

    nicholas: apparently not 0_-

  8. Well done – Told your MaMa what you did ..and she is so proud of you. Will do you lots of good …esp for your late night habits. Once you have feel for cooking…you will start to experiment. I am glad that if anything…the trip to London has inspired you to cook. Don’t need a sieve – just keep the lid of the pot on…leave a little gap and pour out the soup. The little bits are good for you. Happy cooking…

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