Who else cuts their meat up into little pieces? Please raise your hand, stand up and do a little dance!

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I’m still suffering from Post-Holiday Depression.

Besides the difference in schedule of what i should be doing with myself and my time every day,
a complementing factor to my list of Things That Are Different (To Me) Back Home…

is the food.

There will always be a debate about which region has better food bla bla bla.
I’m not being a traitor and saying i hate the food here, i LOVE ASIAN FOOD.
Dishes and flavours from any corner of the earth are so subjective and incomparable.

My problem is not only do i love Asian food, i love all kinds of food.  :xwhatevah:
Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian, French, etc.

I find that i’m always rotating the types of food that i eat depending on what my taste buds feel like.
Even Clem says my favourite and most common question of the day is: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO EAT. *big shiny eyes and hands rubbing in glee*

Last night i was craving red meat.
You know a moment like that?
Where your tongue feels twangy and you start smacking your lips,
and you think to yourself, “I feel like…” while trying to connect your brain to your heart to your mouth so that it can accurately convey what you really want to taste for that meal / hour / second.

I was craving a nice medium rare steak last night.

And i couldn’t help thinking, “If only i was in London right now, i could go out and get that gorgeous perfect succulent steak i had with Yishyene and her friends…”
Before my Proper Sane Self mentally slapped me Stop It! Just ACCEPT that you CANNOT get your hands on that very same steak right now and MOVE ON.

Since i physically (and theoretically) am unable to get my hands on “that gorgeous perfect succulent steak i had with Yishyene and her friends”, i will merely blog about it as a half past six substitute of self-consolation.


We went to this bar & restaurant at Elephant & Castle (i think) Clapham called 64th & Social where for ยฃ15, you got to choose:
– your type of meat + how well you liked it
– choice of sauce / butter on steak
– 1 type of mash and 1 type of vege from the extensive list provided
– wine / cocktail / etc


The steak was divine. Pure heaven.
I cut it up into bite-sized pieces just the way i like it,
equally spread the garlic butter (which added points to the whole meal), popped them one by one into my mouth,
and slowly chewed and relished in the texture while smiling, as if in a drunken stupor, at the others.

The meat was done medium rare, just the way it should be (and oh, how many places actually get it wrong!)

Its accompaniments of mash and spinach i chose were crazy delicious as well.


satisfied me + Yishyinini


Martha 1, Aysha, Martha 2
I’ve never met someone named Martha before… let alone two in one day!

Anyway let’s backtrack to last night. *brakes screeching*
I was craving a steak, remember? Yes, you nod.
I realise that there aren’t many good steaks here.
People always go on and on about how they love steaks at Jake’s, or Victoria’s Station… but i don’t.
I find it completely average and cannot fathom why people pay that price for an average steak that will always leave you 1. craving for something better and 2. slightly irritated that you can’t cos you already ate Average Steak and now you’re full so you just have to go home and rest that tummy.

The only steak i REALLY adore in KL, is at Prime.

But this post is not for me to complain, really.
It’s to ask you, besides Prime, is there any other place in KL where you think serves great steak?
Because i think i haven’t made enough effort to search for it,
and what happens the next time i have a steak craving and am not dressed appropriately for Prime?

To combat my craving last night,
Clem and i went to Blue Cow Cafe (my first time) where i got myself a medium rare rib-eye steak (RM58).
It came rare so i sent it back for them to cook it better.

‘Twas alright, and satiated my craving for the moment (as i tried to be positive and not think about better steaks i’d had)


Out of nowhere, Clem comments, “You’d make a good mother.”
Me, in shock with meat in my mouth, mumbled back, “WhaT? Why would you say that?!”
“Because you cut your meat up in little pieces.”
“People do that for their child.”
“I’m doing that for myself cos i am a child!”

Is it so weird that i cut my meat up into little pieces?
I know Dhanya rolls her banana leaf rice + meat into little balls before popping them into her mouth,
so i’m pretty sure there are other people who ‘prepare’ their food in funny little ways too!

What funny eating habits do you have/know of?

Share! (So i don’t feel like the total weirdo here!)

13 Responses to Who else cuts their meat up into little pieces? Please raise your hand, stand up and do a little dance!

  1. KY says:

    it’s a chinese thingy mostly, chinese cuisine’s all cut up in little bite size pieces so you can eat with chopsticks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. panyangk says:

    when i get down to my last small pile of food (be it rice chicken beef anything) i split it up into little groups of equal portions so i know exactly how many bites i have left to decide whether im full or not

    i want your blue hat =D

  3. meesh says:

    Clapham sayang, is where the steak place is… I think, cos you BMMed me that night from what I remember.

    I cut my steak up in little pieces too. It makes it easier for me to gesticulate and talk! HAHAHA Ooh and my mom used to do what Dhanya does with my rice when I was a kid!

    Missing you tons! I wish our British summer didn’t end so soon… boo. Btw your comment about Napoleon and 600 men living with ample food and wine made me LOL and -_- simultaneously. SO JOYCE Hahaha.

  4. Simon Seow says:

    I like to eat my meat in big chunk.

  5. Jiayi says:

    I will leave my favourite dish the last to eat. Hmm…and I like to eat my rice with hands although I seldom do that these days.

  6. lisha says:

    i’m a bit OCD with my food. i don’t like to mix dishes or gravy. and i separate everything on my plate according to category. lol. my friends like to irritate me by moving stuff around on my plate.

    so… no. you’re not the only weird person out there when it comes to food. =)

  7. Adeline says:

    hey joyce,

    my favourite place for steaks atm is @ Las Vacas.

    they started out as a butchery but is also now a steak place (beef & lamb only). you choose your desired cut & grammage – from grass/grain fed to wagyu to black angus. ๐Ÿ˜€

    its no frills- meaning salt & pepper seasoning only, with a smallish side of salad. no heavy sauces to overwhelm the luscious taste of the beef. although they do have jars of condiments on the table if you so feel like i.e. wholegrain mustard, bbq sauce,etc etc

    definitely for steak lovers, as you’ll be satisifed not by potatoes or french fries but juicy, well cooked steak. ๐Ÿ˜€
    btw medium is also my fav way to go.

  8. natasha says:

    Was just about to suggest Las Vacas. Great steaks indeed!

  9. ShaolinTiger says:

    Hard to find a good steak in KL, if you manage to find one (that is also reasonably priced…unlike Prime and Jake’s) let me know.

  10. suraya says:

    same with lisha, i love the hospital plate where they have each section for rice, vege, fruit. and i eat corn by cutting it from the cob instead of biting.

  11. Shuen says:

    I always use cutlery.. for pizza or chicken wings or crab or burger. Drives my bf crazy when he sees me struggling to dig out crab meat from the shell with a fork.

    And if I had it my way, KFC/McD’s would have proper cutlery too!

    Well, I don’t know if that’s a ‘funny eating habit’ but.. yea! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. JoyceTheFairy says:

    KY: Good point… i never thought of that!

    panyangk: blue hat > kenot. i love it too much! and you already got loads of stuff from me!

    meesh: looks like your memory is better than mine (as is half the planet). Maybe the rolling up banana leaf rice is an indian thing hee hee

    simon: can somehow imagine that…

    jiayi: OH! i read somewhere that it’s better to eat your favourite food first, cos that’s when your receptors (taste buds, smell) are most prone to enjoying it. so i’ve been eating my fave firsts since i knew that… tho i do leave a bit of my fave for last too!

    lisha: oh i like mixing EVERYTHING together like a kid with a bowl of food :p

    adeline: thanks for telling me bout Las Vacas!

    ST: sounds like Las Vacas is one to check out for now

    suraya: ok thank god i’ve nver been in a hospital.. so i don’t know what hospital food is like!

    shuen: well you’re the opposite of the kids i watched on Food Revolution, who don’t even know how to hold cutlery properly!

  13. tigga says:


    ur steak looks epic. wondering whuts the name of the steak place in clapham???????graciaaaas amigos

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