New York: Sometimes… the grass IS greener on the other side

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i love new york!
ok damn drunk
cannot write now

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God, hangover.
Quick one before i run for a hotel lunch and meet the other fashion media + bloggers brought down by HP.

After a gruelling 24-hour journey, Ivy (The Star) and i were sent to Millennium Hotel on Broadway
We were famished, so we walked out to grab some pizza and fajitas
Pottered about Times Square a bit but i wasn’t really into the stores there… (really touristy)
so just snapped some pictures and ducked back into the hotel to rest.

Think i underestimated the jetlag.
Passed out in deep sleep from 8pm-11pm!
Woke up thinking i really CANNOT waste time in NYC
so changed and grabbed a taxi to East Village (cos i read online some bars were there)

Walked around, couldn’t find the specific bar i was looking for (which someone told me was a blessing in disguise cos it’s a shithole, thanks Google haha)
went into a bar and ordered a Guinness
Had a nice conversation with with an Irish bartender Steve
and mentioned i didn’t really want to shop around Times Square.
“No,” he said, “You wouldn’t, you look like a Soho girl to me!”
I laughed cos that’s where i’m planning to go on Wednesday.

Steve told me i might like the corner of Houseton Houston and Orchard on the lower east side
so i made my way there after my 2nd Guinness

Saw a bunch of peeps haning outside a bar,
and asked two guys where i should go

“What kind of music do you like?” asked one
“Rock,” i said
“You’ll probably like Radiocity, just go down this block, turn left and it’ll be down the street.”
“Thanks!” i replied
“Come back here if you get lost!” said the other as i walked off

In the end i DID get lost.
Couldn’t find the place at all!
I walked and walked and everything looked dark
So i went back to the bar and joined them
Turns out their names are Nathan and Ryan, and they’re part-time musicians as well
“Are you in fashion?” asked Nathan
“Yes, i write about it sometimes.”
“It’s painfully obvious.”

Painfully obvious? 0_o
I’m putting it down to the large Vice & Vanity necklace i was wearing last night.

They introduced me to the bartenders who were their friends
and had a shot of whiskey with them
This guy Ben said, “When you ordered the Guinness, we were thinking if you say yes to a shot of whiskey, you’re definitely one of us!”

So nice la they all.
I feel really blesses to have made friends with such nice people on my first night!
Ended up watching them sing behind the bar as they cleaned up for the night
and felt for a second like i was in a movie and felt so much happinness and love!
(Could probably be attributed to the fact i was high).

Made myself leave cos i was getting way too drunk. 
And managed to somehow take a bath before passing out.

DAMN i really have to go for lunch now
so will continue this later!

times square new york

times square new york

4 Responses to New York: Sometimes… the grass IS greener on the other side

  1. ZeekNotGeek says:

    hey Joyce! good to know ur in new york. do update all the cool stuffs in your blog. im heading to NYC too this fall! i knw… this place is AMAZING. damn excited.

  2. TC says:

    if u r going shopping in SOHO, go to Uniqlo. I saw some leggings/tights there which is very “you”. Ripped ones and studded ones.

    Did you hear abt how tourists could not go back to their hotels for hours and hours in Times Square abt a month ago after the car bomb incident? Well, you can go ronda ronda and minum minum.

    It’s going to be a hot and humid day today, enjoy!!

  3. Sholee says:

    Love the adverts on the buildings! Cool!

  4. TC says:

    It is actually spelled Houston Street but pronounced as House-ton.

    Soho is very la-di-da with very fancy, expensive boutiques.

    New Yorkers are generally very friendly people and it is easy to find “hook ups” for the night.

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