What did you dream about last night?

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I met up with AshleyTheMonkey, QueenKanch and Nadia for a quick dinner just now
We simply spoke about weddings, funerals, crazy people, and… dreams.

Ash was telling us how she used to dream about a girl for months at a time
Like she knew her life, what she did, how she was student and how she thinks she lives in SS2.

Me: That is quite weird, how you dream about a same person you don’t know, for months.
Ash: Yeah man.
Me: Maybe she really exists and your energies connected but you just never met.
Kanch: Maybe she died and her spirit is trying to get into your dreams.
Ash + Me: What the fuck wei KANCH -_-

Then Nadia told us her dream about some talking puppet that was trying to tell her that her cat was trying to convey a message to her.

Ashley told them how i used to be able to control my dreams till i was about 10 years old.

I told them my dream last night: I dreamt that i was trying to keep these three baby monkeys in a box, but one would keep escaping. So it was damn tiring – catching one monkey, putting it back in the box and finding out another one had escaped. I spent the whole night chasing monkeys.

Since we’d all contributed to a ‘my dream’ story,
Kanch, of course, had to shoot a one-liner that made everyone stop in their tracks.

Kanch: I dream about making money  :xlaughing:

Ash, Nadia + Me:  :xwhatevah:  :xwhatevah:  :xwhatevah:

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  1. AndyC says:

    just wondering if you were at the sepang for the mika track day on last sunday…..

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