I dreamt about Adrian Yap

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Yeah, last night i dreamt that Adrian (mr. boss) got TiC a walk-in wardrobe
It was white and HUGE and had rows and rows of designer items already arranged neatly in it
Claudia was screaming with happiness at all these Marc Jacob pieces
and there were SO many clothes and shoes and accessories that i didn’t know which to pick up first!

I even remember picking up a pair of boots that had colourful patterns IN IT as well as outside!
And feeling OH-SO-HAPPY!

Then i woke up and went, “GODDAMMIT.”


2 Responses to I dreamt about Adrian Yap

  1. Kanch says:

    welcome back to reality =P

  2. nell omar says:

    and now you need adrian to just read this post and make it all come true! heh.

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