A conversation with a snail

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I spent most of today on my laptop and phone working, whilst my 4 companions who have been my family this week went out drunking since lunch time. By 7:30pm, i’d had enough of screens for the day, and committed myself to wine time, a non-work vid call with Baby, dinner and lots of reading.

Suddenly, the 5-bedroom villa estate we’re living on seemed extra large.
Especially for one person. The help were around, but they hung out mostly in the kitchen and back areas to chat.

I was happy enough huddling (tho, i wouldn’t say huddling is the right word, when the garden in front of me is bigger than my entire apartment) on a lounge chair with Panchinko (my book) and some (ok, fine, a bottle) of Plaga cab sav.

Around 10pm, i spotted a fairly large snail to the right of my patio.

Since i had no friends around for hours, i got excited at seeing another live being, and knelt down in front of it in my colourful dress to admire and observe it.

“Where are you going?” i asked him (it seemed like a him) as if he were going to answer.
I decided telepathy or soundless words were the way to go, and used my mind and feelings instead.

You’re so beautiful! In my youth, i might have killed you… but now i’m older, i know you’re a someone too.
Wow, look at your eyes… i can see them! Can you see me?

The snail was turned towards me, and slowly, ever so slowly, smeared its way towards my outstretched hand.
He carefully avoided my fingers to sway to his left.

Oh you clever thing. You wouldn’t like all the toxins on my fingers from the smoke and whatnot for sure

He kept going towards the room next to mine. Rahul’s room.

Oh, don’t! You shouldn’t go there, Rahul might step on you later…
Really though, you should go the other way, over there!
I stared intently at the garden behind the snail, its green grass blades looming above my line of view since i was crouched so low to the ground
At that very second, the snail turned 180 degrees to look behind it towards the garden

No fucking way! You heard me!

I was so happy! Sammy totally heard me! (yes ok fine i named him in the beginning of our connection)
I then tried communicating to himย the best route he could take to get to the cliffside

Then i left him to continue his long journey

+ + + + +

Every being that’s alive, no matter how big or small,
is still a part of our circle of life.
Might does not mean right.
Respect is crucial.


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