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Dedicated to those experiencing pain:

Let it out darling
Don’t keep it in
You feel it wanting to rush out
Stagnant, strong and still in you

You ignore it, but it will not ignore you
It exists in order for your happiness to exist

Let it out
Else it will destroy you

You cannot pretend anyhow
It will remind you of its waiting
Silently… till your emotional dam cannot hold it in much longer

Pain is patient

Store pain and it will poison you
Act courageously and release it – quietly, peacefully, in solitude

Modern teachings of another sort have taught you not to cry,
not to succumb to your human emotions
It is not true!
You are flesh and blood with a whole lot of soul awakening in you
Acknowledge and feel it
Because after pain, there will be light

Your pain does not exemplify weakness, it speaks of strength in your ability to face it
Once you know true pain, will you know true strength
From which you will grow and expand
To heights greater than you imagined

So do not be fearful of pain
Embrace it as a part of life
As we all go through it
And only those who rise above it
Will experience the eternity of pleasure


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