I forgot someone’s name today

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This happens A LOT.

I must have gone through 15 years of forgetting many people’s names + faces
and i bet a fair number (unbeknownst to me) are offended by it

I don’t mean it!

I just don’t have the capacity to remember

When Oxford / Cambridge came out with the study a few years ago on how the average human being is capable of remember 1,800 names (combined with faces) including celebrities, i thought to myself:
1) YES THERE IS A REASON WHY this happens to me!
2) I AM NOT the average human being!!!

Alas, i must admit i get into a lot of trouble over this.
Ironically i am in the business of PR, which requires one to remember these two things.
i don’t know how i got into this. I really this it’s due to my gift for the gab.

I’m usually not affected, but today, i actually forgot a FRIEND’S name.
And i felt really bad.
Like, a deep sinking guilty sad feeling. Cos i didn’t want to make him feel forgotten or unnoticed. Cos that is not the case! He is very much present in my memory, like this distinct image filled with how he dresses and speaks to me. I just… forgot. And there is no other reason except that.

All i want to say is… i felt really bad.
Cos i don’t mean to forget you.
You are so strong in my mind’s eye.
What i forgot was your name,
but you, your vibe, your persona, your communication with me, is what i hold in my memory.

I’m really sorry!

That is all.

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