I was gonna blog but

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instead i decided that i want to go out
and have a life
being on my laptop and recording every interesting move (or so i think) down

I have spent so many hours of my last 10 years
on my phone and laptop
that now i’m deciding i want to do less of it

don’t get me wrong
it’s not that i hate the internet
i LOVE the internet

but i think people are too dependent on it
for entertainment
for communication
for daily living

do not forget
that at the end of the day
we are still humans
made of flesh and blood
born with voices made to sound out loud
not speak in silent nuances pronounced by alphabets in digits


we are made to communicate and command via physical and feeling

the internet is a way of exploding in ways we never thought possible other ways of living and exulting
but at the end of the day
it is our physical selves that create the largest impact on our souls.

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