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Our national icon, the Malayan Tiger is now classified as Critically Endangered. Soon enough, it will be extinct from the wild. Illegal hunting and trade, driven by demand for wildlife from within and outside Malaysia, remains the most devastating threat to tigers and other endangered species.

The Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT) is running a #NoMoreDeadTigers Campaign to save Malayan Tigers from extinction. MYCAT is calling for 100,000 signatures to seek justice for the Malayan tiger by Global Tiger Day on July 29th 2016.

The petition calls for:

Maximum sentences to be handed out to criminals convicted of killing or trading in tigers and other endangered species.

? Civil society to be allowed to support the investigation and prosecution process of wildlife crimes, and alternative penalties be used against wildlife criminals.

? Sustainable forestry certification to be re-evaluated for forests where tigers are killed.

? Highest priority to be given to maintain tiger habitats under natural forest cover and to halt further forest fragmentation within the Central Forest Spine landscape.

The time to save the tigers is now or never! You can protect the iconic Malayan Tigers by taking 30 seconds to sign the petition *HERE*

source: Tumblr

Some interesting facts about Malayan Tigers >

1) The Malayan tiger was once thought to be the same as the Indochinese tiger, a larger tiger species found in the more northern parts of South East Asia, and it was only recently that the two were classified as separate subspecies.

source: Malayan Tiger Club

2) The Malayan tiger is the smallest species of tiger along with the Sumatran tiger, with average female Malayan tigers growing to around 2 meters in length.

source: deviantart

3) Newborn Malayan tiger cubs weigh about 1 kg and are blind and helpless. The mother feeds them milk for about 2 months before they are introduced to meat. Malayan tiger cubs depend on their mother for the first 18 months and then they start hunting on their own.

source: wikipedia

4) Due to the size and power of the Malayan tiger, it has no natural predators in its native environment. Humans that hunt the Malayan tiger, and habitat loss are the only threats to the Malayan tiger.

? ? ? Protect Malayan Tigers by signing the petition *HERE* ? ? ?

More info on the #NoMoreDeadTigers Campaign

Website: change.org/p/no-more-dead-tigers
Facebook: facebook.com/themalayantiger

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On a separate note, we’re totally digging The Alphabet Press‘ take of the Malayan Tiger in their Endangered Animal Series!

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