No rest for magic

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I have exactly 10 minutes to write this post so it's gonna be quick!
Have been in an insane roll of work that's been non-stop since February and barely got enough sleep nor exercise but i LOVE my work so much it doesn't feel like WORK and i finally got started on my summer trip yesterday.

Got 1.5 hours sleep before my flight to London via MAS. I put the last day off for errands but work got in the way and i ended up packing for a 6-week trip 6 hours prior to my flight. Do you know how crazy that is?! Plus i'd just moved so i was packing from boxes which was so tough and i was almost in tears from the amount of work i had on my mind besides afraid of missing my flight and packing stupidly.

I definitely packed too much cos i brought 40kg of things with me?!

Would've thought going on business class meant more shopping space to take home but maybe not...

Slept 4 hours on the plane, landed in London at 5pm, had a wonderful dinner with my family before crashing at 10pm.
Set my alarm to wake up at 3am for some urgent work before having to leave for my flight for Vegas at 7am.

It's 6:44am now. I need to go SOON.

Been planning my big summer trip since last year cos if i didn't, i wouldn't be able to tell clients that i'm just not available.

Will be doing Vegas and Nevada with Yishyene, then back to London for time with family, then i'm off to Berlin, Barcelona, Porto, then London again.

Then maybe China, Japan and Maldives in August/Sept for work but TBC. It's gonna be a crazy Q3 and Q4.

Got an invite to go to Spain in July but obviously i'm already in Europe somewhere so i'll send Baby in my place.
And guess what, the dates they are sending her to Barca are the EXACT SAME 3 days i'm there too!
So we'll be reunited in Barca! KinkyBlueFairy in Barca!!

I will be hiring more rapidly from Raya onwards as there is too much work.

If you are interested to work as a writer/editor or in PR, please email
I think i need a replacement ME too. If you think you can do what i do, email me



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  1. Winnie says:

    Hi Joyce,

    I’m interested to work as a writer/editor or in PR, but I do not have a background/exposure in the area before. Would you still consider?

    Thank you.

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