KinkyBlueFairy 11th Anniversary Giveaway!

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My blog turns 11 years old! Crazy right… if you told me when i first started i’d be blogging for more than 10 years, i’d be like, “Hmm yeah sureee.” Maybe the best things happen when you don’t force a plan into action, and instead let the Universe take control and allow yourself into the flow.

To honour all you readers that made blogging a possible dream for me, we’ll be giving away fun and functional birthday presents to YOU for the next 11 days! Just follow and regram the pictures we’re releasing daily! You can upload as many pictures as you want on IG/FB till 15th March 2015!


Instagram Giveaway:

1) By Invite
2 x RM250 online vouchers

2) Love, Bonito:
8 x RM100 cash vouchers

3) Centro Hair Salon  :
2 x Haircut & Colour Makeovers worth RM1000 each

Orange Mermaid Bikini, Size M (US6 -8) worth RM219;
2-Toned Bandeau, Size M (US6 – 8) worth RM250

5) Lorna Jane from Believe Active:
5 x Workout Headbands worth RM30 each

10 x Doobie x KinkyBlueFairy Custom T-shirts

7 x RM50 Cash Vouchers

8) Nuts Enough:
5 x Artisanal Nut Spreads

9) Things for
5 x Yummy Pockets

5 x Organic Scented Candles

11) Energy
3 x Signature Relaxation Massage – 60 mins each

+ + + + + + + + +

We’re also throwing a party in 11 days’ time where we’ll be doing MORE giveaways:

2 boxes of Mist Shisha from Things for Whenever
5 x KinkyBlueFairy x Doobie Custom T Shirts
5 x Workout Headbands from Lorna Jane
5 x Artisanal Nut Spreads from Nuts Enough
5 x  Tish Organic Scented Candles
2 x leggings and 1 x long dress from Liquido
4 x RM 100 vouchers from Love, Bonito
400 vouchers from Energy Spa
1 x Swissline Triple Action Exfoliation Facial from Energy Spa

Performing will be Reza Salleh, Chelsia Ng, Esmond Sees, DJs Patricia K, Irama, Indiego & Co., and Twinkies!
Thanks to Pioneer for lending us a CDJ 😉 <3

Win invites to KinkyBlueFairy’s 11th Anniversary Party by *reposting this pic*!

3 Responses to KinkyBlueFairy 11th Anniversary Giveaway!

  1. Syaf says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!
    Love yyyaaa KBF!!
    I wanna participate in your contest, but me never lucky to win 🙁

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Syaf: Thank you! alaaa don’t say that! enter la!!

  3. Duke says:

    Congratulations. How about another 11?

    All the best,

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