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Today was a great day.

I had a worrying start to the week where i fell really ill and was in bed for a total of 24 hours for all of Sunday and some of Monday. Then i got completely better and WAS SO THANKFUL cos i don’t know how i would have got all the work i needed to get done, DONE.

And Tuesday, starting midnight, was a very interesting but amazing day.
I had to go through my blog’s categories for hours cos we’re working on cleaning up the whole platform
(and who’s so smart to rework the blog, rush a client’s campaign, and organise a 300-pax event ALL in the same week? Me -_- My poor team… sorry guys. You are so best la.)
Back to the blog categories – so i had to read all these old posts to decide where to slot them, and didn’t expect having to read through a whole bunch of emotional posts that i wrote regarding deaths and past relationships. Oh, there were grand posts too, that made me laugh and marvel. But what an emotionally intense activity that was. All the way till 5:30am.

When i slept, i had this insane dream. Vivid, bright, detailed, long.
It was so impactful to me i wrote it down the moment i woke up.
Just seconds after, the apartment management called me asking how long the renovation was going to go on for cos the neighbours were complaining (cos we’re ripping out the floors, i’m sorry, i’m gonna have to buy all my new neighbours cookies and give them out or something).

There was someone in my dream i felt like messaging cos it felt like the right thing to do,
and just when i was typing it out, they called asking for lunch.
Synchronicity still astounds me. I’d been starving since 3am so i went, and shared something i didn’t think i would that left me shaken. Went home, meditated to calm myself down cos i couldn’t stop vibrating. I mean, i was literally just shaking non stop. I don’t know what the hell is going on sometimes. (ok fine i know but anyways) I then meditated love over these precious stones i’d found in my old room in my parents’ house and took them home with me. I’d already cleansed them and put them in the morning sun time and again, and today… felt like the right day to do it.

I just went deep into nothingness and thought about love. I don’t really ask for anything nowadays, and just go into nothingness. It’s not something i MEAN to do, it just kinda happened and felt right and i kept on doing it when i felt the need to. Then it was time to work. It was so intense my eyes hurt some times and i had to stop to rest them, or maybe my brain, or maybe both.

Went for the KBF yee sang dinner at Mei by Fat Spoon, and it was such a great dinner! Jane happened to have brought her camera, and there were 8 of us there – me, Baby, Jane (photog), Joe (designer), Phillip (our programmer), Kuman (designer), Rengee (PR), Adrian (intern). I didn’t give them an ang pow, but let each of them choose a stone from the bunch i meditated on earlier that day. I didn’t even think i was going to do that, just spotted them on my way out and felt like doing it so i grabbed them and some ang pow packets for them to take them home in. I took Frozen and Airbnb ang pow packets. Only 3 people chose the Frozen ones hmm.

I feel like i’m leaving the best parts out… i’m just describing my day.

Okay what made my day so awesome was that i was in such a full range of strong emotions today – love, fear, shock, exhilaration, happiness, shyness, disbelief, etc. At one point Baby and i were screaming and hugging in the middle of Hartamas like crazy people. Can i just add that i love the people at Text100? ๐Ÿ™‚

OK it’s 4am and i need to get on a deadline. I calculated that since i woke up at 11am today, i can last till about 8am if i have to. Gotta run BYE!

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  1. radiance says:

    we love you too ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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