Dhanya’s Birthday at Fairy’s Den

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We celebrated Dhanya's birthday last month by having a small group of us girls over at mine. I remember i was having a realllllyyyy busy period with work so i didn't have time to do anything. All i did was offer up my place cos she wanted a get-together that was childlike and colourful... and mine seemed most appropriate cos my toys are lying all around!

They were supposed to come over at 7pm and i got home in the nick of time to open the door. I didn't get or prepare anything... literally. I did nothing for this beautiful birthday set up. Dhanya and her sis Deepak strode down my corridor with their arms laden with all sorts of pink flowers and bags of what i presumed to be food.
I was quite shocked when i spotted them.
Wow what was all this?! Decorations? Set up?
I thought everyone was just gonna bring some food and have a sesh!


The girls helped clear my messy dining table and spread out salads and pastas, curry puffs, cupcakes shaped into a heart, sushi, home made dip, and fruit.


I think this is a great improvement from our days of getting a hotel room and pigging out on pizzas, pastas, chicken wings, cupcakes, and whatnot before passing out together on the bed. At least now we've got more fresh and live foods... and healthier stuff :p


Dhanya requested that we all wear white with tinges of pink. I was so bad i forgot all about the theme but luckily i was at home so i could just duck into my bedroom to change.

Doesn't Dhanya looks absolutely beautiful?!? I love that dress on her, i wish i could see it on her every day.


Next to DB are all these rolled up messages she'd printed and cards she'd drawn for us. She'd prepared them all so delicately with pale pink ribbon enclosing the letters and everything! Talk about giving others stuff for YOUR birthday! <3

Dhanya-Birthday-at-Fairy's-1  Dhanya-Birthday-at-Fairy's-3

Candle from tish.my

Dhanya-Birthday-at-Fairy's-6 Dhanya-Birthday-at-Fairy's-7

The Pocky look like mini chopsticks

Dhanya-Birthday-at-Fairy's-8 Dhanya-Birthday-at-Fairy's-9 Dhanya-Birthday-at-Fairy's-10 Dhanya-Birthday-at-Fairy's-11

Happy Birthday my beautiful Dhanya! The longer i know you, the more i value our friendship for all the lessons you've helped me see. You have such a subtle yet powerful presence in my life, i hope we'll always be in it together.


DB went all out that day (in her terms, that is).




I gave everyone a Glico candy box to open. Each one comes with a toy, and this time, they've got a series of wooden toys out. I was hoping and hoping to get the nicest one but... i got the four red cubes. Ok i've accepted it and now i really like my red cubes, they're meant to be with me. (It's just that the others got pieces that could be assembled and turned around, etc)



Thanks for coming over and filling my house with your energy, ladies.

Dhanya said she felt wonderful in my house, and that it's probably because i focused such good energy on all the things i have in there (my toys! haha) and the space. I feel it's because i've definitely lived a happy life in here. I've such great memories of living with Clem here for 3 and a half years, and built separate memories of my own by filling it with different energies and making it into a space of my own.

I will miss this place, my little fairy's den.

But i will be happy to move. On to bigger and better spaces to play in!

I just had Danny (one of my best friends, and architect) over and we talked about my new space. I want a swing in the living room, an LED runway in the living room (Danny said it'll be cheap cos it's just lights in the flooring which we have to replace anyway), astro turf on my balcony, a walk-in wardrobe which i sleep in, a room that's just furnished with a mattress + tent + pillows, a large kitchen with lots of cupboard space for all my cooking utensils, a mirrored bar...

I love how my discussions about my work and life now revolve around the most seemingly ludicrous questions.

"How many balloons should we put in the tiniest balloon bouquet? And what type? And size?"
"Do i want to order confetti in bulk? And how much? What shall i use it for? Everything!"
"What can i do with another hula hoop enthusiast about the hooping community in KL? I don't know, let's meet up and talk!"
"Shall the fashion runway go from the living room right till the master bedroom?"
"Where shall i hang my hula hoops? On which wall?"

I need to check the feng shui on the place before we start the carpentry. I'm not gonna fuck with my feng shui man. We already decided we need to send the drawings to my family's feng shui master for him to approve before the wet works are done.

Yeah i can't wait to move. I need more space to reorganise my life. When one reorganises their space, order will come into the other aspects of their life. I read that in a book somewhere (forgot which one, i'm going thru a few simultaneously based on mood).

I think i'll stop going out when i move.
Just have people over so i never have to leave XD

I think i'll name my new place Fairy View.
From Fairy's Den, to Fairy View.
Can wut.
Then after, it'll be Fairy Castle.
And Fairy Ship.



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  1. Syaf says:

    I’m planning to organise my room too, sometime this year…. which would include a big board where i can stick some creative stuff. ya know, like a vision board! hehe 🙂

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