Au revoir 2014

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Wow i feel like i did a LOT this year.

So much happened,
i went to so many places,
learnt so many new life lessons,
met hundreds/thousands of people,
and felt myself really CHANGE this year…

Looking back at my Instagram is the only way i get to swiftly see all i did.
[It’s almost 5am and i have to wake up at 8:30 to catch a flight!]

I spent New Year’s Day of 2014 in Bordeaux, and across the year visited:
Jakarta,ย Bangkok,ย Frankfurt, Paris, Bologna, Jeju, Sri Lanka, Phuket, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Osaka;
andย Seoul,ย Bali and London twice.
Locally i visited Penang, Kuching, Seremban, and Ipoh.

Weddings i attended:
Jason and Neena (i fell down),
Azwin and Azlina,
Aahana and Herukh,
Ben and Elizabeth,
Elaine and Nick,
Mary and Chek.

Serena gave birth to Chloe,
SueAnn to Baby Chongy,
Heleau to Lilou,
Steph to William,
Kay-Li to Rae-Lynn.

(There are probably more wedding and baby mentions i’m missing cos i can’t remember right now, don’t hate me!)

Festivals i went to:
Future Music Fest, Awesomeness Fest,
Kuching Rainforest Music Fest, Good Vibes Festival,
The Ship, Urbanscapes.

I attended events by Clarisonic, Pedro, LV, Triumph, Melissa shoes, ELLE, Bodytone, Harper’s Bazaar, Levi’s, Furla, Dyson, Yeo’s, Monki, Charles & Keith, Kipling, Google, Heineken, Shu Uemura, Triumph and many more i just didn’t spot on IG thumbnails or never updated about.

I was shot for WW mag, NUYOU, L’Oreal, Darlie, Jaya One, Dome cafe, Levi’s, New Tide, Australia Network, The Met…
Emceed events for Vidal Sassoon, Rent A Dress, Love Bonito…

[Again, prollie lots i’m missing out :p]

Random stuff like:
had my hair turquoise, red, pink, blonde,
started learning how to ride a horse,
discovered the wonders of a cordless Dyson,
ordered my first practice hoop from the US,
tried bottarga for the first time (thanks Yishyene),
got my Bambi tattoo,
went to Bali with my parents,
meditated with a yogi,
acknowledged KinkyBlueFairy’s 10th Anniversary,
didn’t celebrate it cos my uncle passed away… questioned life and death.

I detoxed at Pure Health for the first time, and again 6 months later,
i tried to quit smoking twice (trying again in Jan 2015 :p),
i started exploring my spirituality more… and relapsed to hardly meditating, and recently starting again.

I experienced extreme polarities in emotions this year – extreme happiness, sadness, anger, stress, joy, frustration, loss, accomplishment.

I broke up with Clem.

That was the hardest thing i had to do this year.
It was something that was happening before me but i’d refused to see it.
All the signs started connecting and… that was that.
It was a tough process, and we’re still friends.

Everyone (mostly everyone) thought i was making a mistake.
But i learnt that at the end of the day, it’s my happiness i have to live for.

I learnt that i had to stop living my life according to how other people perceived life to be led.
Everyone has their own path, and each person a different journey.
I’m learning how to be more accepting of every person’s difference, and how each person is connected to me.
I’m learning how to love MYSELF more.

I’m learning that i am the way i am,
and to just try my best.
I feel that i tried my best this year…
I’m so so thankful for every single thing the Universe has placed in my path for me to experience.

It’s like, once i let go (sometimes i forget and have to remind myself),
everything falls into place.
Everything happens for a reason.

2014 was an awesome and challenging year for me.
I’ve never cried or laughed so much before!
How crazy life can be…
I honestly can’t wait for 2015 to start.
I know it’s gonna be amazing, i can just feel it in my fairy bones.



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  1. Syaf says:

    YOU definitely had an awesome 2014, Joyce!! Here’s to a fabulous 2015!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Syaf: Thank you! LOVE YOU!!!

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