“It’s Clobberin Time” by Celebrity Fitness

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Over the past two years, i’ve started exercising regularly because:
1. Bits get wobbly if i don’t and i just want to look better (read: vain)
2. I know i need to get moving if i want to live longer after reading Eat Move Sleep
3. My stamina is SO much better when i do! I work and function a lot more efficiently

The past 6 weeks  been a whirlwind – Seoul, Sydney, London, Paris, Tokyo, and now the entire team (myself included) have just returned from The Ship (which sailed from Singapore > Langkawi > Singapore). PHEW. Not that i’m complaining. Any opportunity to travel is a blessing, and if it’s for work then by all means!

Meesh asked me how have i not spontaneously combusted yet cos i’ve been doing SO much, and i swear keeping fit when my schedule permits, helps heaps! I’ve been working out at Celebrity Fitness for the past few months (they got me on as an ambassador) and i won’t say it’s easy making time to work out, but my body loves me so much better for it.

A couple of days before we set sail for The Ship, i was invited to the media preview of Celebrity Fitness‘ latest workout methodology – Rotational Movement Training (RMT) – in conjunction with the opening of their newest gym at Nu Sentral. Seeing i hadn’t been in the country to work out nor instagram about CF much, i figured i SHOULD go!

Celebrity Fitness Malaysia is the first in Asia to introduce the RMT methodology and its equipment, mainly the RMT Club and the RMT Rope. This new innovative workout technique includes the Non-Dominant Side Training and functional strength training that utilises both sides of the body to work together to move more efficiently and athletically. The RMT tools not only ensure that the whole body gets a full workout but at the same time build strength coordination, balance and a greater range of motion.


Julie, me, Nadia, and Megan

cf1 cf2

Fiqrie from Red.FM emceed the event.


A demonstration by the pros, led by Vidal Coscolin, one of the five certified RMT Trainers and Group Fitness Manager of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia. They made it look super effortless. Little did i know what was about to come…


They started us off with a light warm up session…


… and the pace started picking up…


… which soon escalated into pushups.


Downward dog for some stretching…

Then came time to clobber up. Thats when things REALLY got started. The routine was divided into 4 different actions, each one working out different parts of the body to create one whole routine that encompasses the whole body.


We were taught how to grip the RMT Club properly. The hollow club is weighted with loose granules inside which swirl around during movement, and its inertia causes more energy to be used to stop the club mid-movement.

cf12 cf13

It looks easy but it requires quite a lot of strength to get it going (or maybe i’m just weak -_-). I had such mixed emotions about the work out… part of me was glad to fit some exercise into my day while attending the event, while at the same time, i was lacking proper sleep from my workload and wondering WHY i was using up more energy and tiring myself out further!

cf14 cf15

I kinda liked this portion, where we were asked to bash the club into the ground and shout. There was definitely some pent up stress from work in me… XD



By the end of it i was out of breath and couldn’t stop hydrating myself.

After the RMT Club workout, there was a session with the RMT Rope but i had to scamper off for a meeting with Rengee at 4pm for The Ship and Love Bonito. It’s not that i purposely ran away okay! #justsayin

I have to say that 20 minutes with the RMT Club was enough to render me into one big aching mess the following day. That’s how effective the routine was! I actually cant wait to go back and try it out for real, when i can find the time to do it uninterrupted. But looking at my calendar now that seems pretty impossible . -_-”

Check out the RMT class at Celebrity Fitness Nu Sentral branch now!

* Assisted by Joe Kwan *


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