Triumph Forever Young Launch

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* Photos by Jane Lee *

Having barely recovered from the madness of the previous weekend (re: Seek & Keep), i hauled my tired butt over to Black Box @ Publika on a wet Monday afternoon for the launch of Triumph‘s new Forever Young collection. Despite the miserable weather, the turnout was great.

I used to always buy all sorts of different lingerie brands depending on its style and design alone; but as i got older, i learnt that the quality of the underwear and the way it’s cut is imperative for some REAL support. There’s no point wearing a nice bra if it doesn’t achieve its main function!

Triumph has always been synonymous with quality, and is a brand we’ve all known about since we were kids at a time we didn’t even need to wear bras. I must admit that for a few years, the brand didn’t have much allure for me cos it seemed dated. However, i have returned to wearing Triumph a lot more in the past two years… they’ve turned a notch up in their designs, and the knowledge that so much research goes into the construction and design of their bras give me assurance that they are the best out there.

I’ve already been swearing on their Shape Sensation series to friends, and was looking forward to seeing what this new Forever Young collection had in store.


Oversized artificial roses decorated the entrance of the event. They looked so pretty AND real, i was tempted to run off with a few cos they made me feel even more like a fairy!


As a fun interactive activity, Triumph held a contest where guests could upload pix on Instagram with the hashtag #TriumphForeverYoungMY and stand a chance to win a prize at the end of the event. As part of my entry, my immediate instinct was to grab one of the roses and pose with it as it matches my tattoo! Okay fine… i just really wanted to hold the rose. -_-


Loved how they had healthy mocktails that were filled with antioxidants and Vitamin A all in accordance with the health of one’s boobies!


Daphne Iking looking as glamourous as ever effortlessly emceed the event.


There was a panel of discussion about breast health with Daphne, Carey, Maria Tunku Sabri, Dr Harjit Kaur, and Kate Ang, VP of brand from Triumph.

They discussed the facts on how breasts change with age, no thanks to decreased levels of collagen, tissue and fat. These cause it to lose its fullness, not to mention other external factors that surprised me!

There are 4 main factors that make boobs sag:
– hormonal changes
– UV rays (no more sunbathing, girls…)
– genome structure
– gravity

I thought this bit of the event was highly insightful and informative, to the point where there was even a bra demonstration!



Regular boobies, as gravity intended 🙁 but wait for ittttt…….


TADAA! The power of good lingerie, ladies amirite? I love how even the model is looking at her own assets going “daaaaaaaaym.” HAHA

There were even pictures of Hollywood celebrities’ chest areas shot when they were wearing t-shirts, and we all had to guess their ages. We guessed some much higher ages for celebs who were later revealed to be Lindsay Lohan and Kirsten Dunst! What a shocker. You know how some girls love to go braless? Well, don’t make it a daily habit! It’s horrible!!

A woman’s breasts ages faster than any other part of the female human body (life can be unfair) which is why it really pays off to be vigilante with proper support! I’ve always believed that ageless beauty comes from within, and i think Triumph really hit the nail on the head with this collection as a metaphor for that sentiment.

The discussion touched upon how we are so obsessed with ensuring our facial skin is kept as young as possible, that some of us completely overlook the care of our breasts – which contributes greatly to how young or old we look!

All i can say is that after this event… i’ve even resorted to wearing my bra at home sometimes. I usually throw it off the moment i walk in the door :p


Let’s just all take a moment to admire Carey’s infectious smile. I call her my care bear!

10-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young 11-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young 12-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young 13-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young

I was already thinking that i want to get the light pink, and green sets.

14-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young 15-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young 16-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young 17-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young 18-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young 19-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young 20-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young

While the collection comes in lovely autumnal shades, it was presented with a four-seasons theme to show how versatile it can be.

After the show, Daphne announced the winner of the Instagram contest…


… and it was me! I felt kinda shy :p


They said they picked me cos my rose tattoo went so well with the theme of their event! Woohoo!


My prize, an ornate bra strap encrusted with Swarovski crystals. I can double it up as an anklet too!


With the DNA goldmine AKA the Ananthan twins, Thanuja and Anuja.
Giraffes and fairies are friends!

24-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young 25-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young

Thanu, Anu, Carey, me, and Daphne

26-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young 27-kinkybluefairy-triumph-forever-young


Triumph’s collection features shape wear products made with advanced Novarel Firming and Lycra Beauty fabrics that ensure strong shaping and freedom to move.


The 3 main styles of the Forever Young collection – Natural, Shape, and Super.

Forever Young is created specifically for the age our breasts are currently at, so we can maintain our bust to look its best! Each of the 3 tailored designs have a unique pattern that aids in giving us the best appearance while naturally keeping it up.



The Natural Support features elegant mesh cup edges that blends in beautifully with bust contours for effortless enhancement.


The Shape Support features an advanced diamond cup design for a rounder bust shape and a French cleavage, with new innovative soft U-bone at the side panel provides comfortable and extra stable support.


And lastly, the Super Support comes with smoothing high side panels, additional layers of crescent fabric and a ‘stay-in-place’ back design to eliminate those pesky back-fat rolls, and non-slip straps.

The best way to view these are to drop by their counters, and get fitted properly for free by one of their professional sales assistants.

I always thought i already knew how to find my own bra fit, till i got measured again recently and found out how WRONG i was! I feel so much better in my underwear now :p You have no idea how much your bra size can change cos of the weight we lose/put on.

The new Forever Young collection is available in stores now, so it’s a great time to check your current measurements.

Triumph is having a free bust age consultation at their boutiques and counters nationwide, where you can also enjoy RM30 off your purchase. (Redeemable against Triumph Forever Young collection only. T&C apply.)



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