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OK i must admit work has been quite crazy...
Today we pulled a 14-hour day and wrapped up around 11:30pm
and i stopped only cos it was a rare occasion we were working off-site for 6 hours and the restaurant was kicking us out.

Yesterday during lunch at Fat Spoon, Chelle pulled a chair over while Sweet and i were having a meeting.
When she saw that we were talking work, she wanted to go away but i insisted she stay cos we were almost done.

Sweet: So which one do you want?
Me: Why are there two horse designs?
Sweet: The white one is a unicorn
Me: It's a unicorn?? I thought it was a white horse!
Sweet: Nooo it's a unicorn
Me: Well fuck that, just get the unicorn then! Unicorn!!!

Chelle was containing her laughter, "Oh my god... is this what you talk about for work..?!"

I must say,
i never thought i'd be saying words like 'unicorn' and 'rainbow',
examining various colours of streamers and garlands,
pondering between two designs of felt rainbows,
cracking my head over the stupendous combination of diffraction lenses,
calculating how many cloud garlands or objects were too much,
and wondering whether a pink, yellow or lime green fake design tree is best,
... all for work.

By the way we are looking for interns.
We want people who are committed, creative, responsible, nice, and well, just send us an email and we'll decide 🙂


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