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Ok that last blogpost was just unforgivable.

I am so busy to a point i write a blogpost and run off halfway, or put off something i REALLY want to post about (like my Bali trip with my parents, Pure Health part 2, tons of pix from other holidays). After my next big project is over, i swear i’m gonna put aside more time for the things i do creatively.

Blogging is my form of art.
My way of expressing myself, is my form of art.
The way in which i reach out to people and touch them, is my form of art.

Someone asked me last week: “You’re doing so many things, which is your favourite thing to do?”

I replied, “That is a very good question. It’s definitely blogging. I never get sick of it.”

It’s the only thing i’ve been able to do without stopping, no matter how busy i am, or how i change. Because this blog changes with me. It’s been with me longer than any job or boyfriend i’ve had.

Ok i need to sleep, it’s 1am and i have to go to the bank (cheque, touch and go, withdraw), money changer, the office, reply a hundred emails, the hair salon (yes it’s imperative i do my hair before my Omega event in Seoul), drop by Uptown, have a meeting with Sweet, and PACK. And my flight is tomorrow night (thank god i got the time wrong, i initially thought it was in the morning and HOW WOULD i have been able to get everything done if so.

So yes, i have to go. I swear this isn’t another half-assed post.

Things will be better after Korea.

I’m gonna have one day where i can stay at home ALL DAY by myself.

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  1. Syaf says:

    Blogging is, in a way, my form of art too… You should be a motivational speaker ๐Ÿ˜‰

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