I love Uber so much, please don’t banish it!!! Spread the word on social media.

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I’ve been taking ONLY Uber for the past couple of months and I LOVE HOW:

No driver can say no to wherever i want to go (unless i asked for something impossible like the moon)
I hate it when i use other taxi services and they don’t want to take your request on the app cos they can see where you wanna go, and it takes ages to get a taxi and usually by adding a tip to lure them.

The cars are always so clean and comfortable.
I feel really ick in certain taxis, but because Uber drivers use their own cars or swanky ones from Uber like Jaguars and Mercs, i always flop in their cars and feel at home right away!

Their drivers are awesome.
They don’t chatter away to you unless you talk to them. So on the rare day i’m too tired to chit chat, they respectfully keep quiet. On ALL the other days i spark up a conversation, i find out so many interesting THINGS about their lives and why they’re driving taxis. I met a guy who told me about his wife who does NGO work and how they adopted two orphans running around KL city. I met a guy who’s still studying in college and making some extra money. I met another guy who drove a Passat which he owned, and he wanted to make ends meet cos he just bought a house.

I always feel so safe.
Sometimes i may feel slightly awkward in certain taxis when they ask too many questions, or say inappropriate things about my lifestyle choices when we have a conversation, or ask to exchange numbers so i can ‘call them next time for taxi’. I feel the Uber drivers are always so polite and PROFESSIONAL.

I don’t need to fiddle with cash to pay.
My Uber account is registered with my credit card and it’s SO convenient especially when i take a taxi out on nights i’m drinking. Who knows how much cash i might have by the time i’m done with the night, and then i have to remember to put aside a certain amount for Uber and WHAT if i forget or am too tipsy to count!? :p

They play great music.
I must say that Uber drivers take more pride in their listening choices. I have found myself admiring their individual playlists and it opening my eyes to said driver’s character and soul.


You know this whole debacle about the government wanting to do a crackdown on Uber..? Well, I really hope it won’t happen. I would be SO SAD if i can’t take Uber anymore!!! Ugh.

Uber recently shared this message with their subscription database which i of course receive, and wanted to share it with you all here too:

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Choice is a beautiful thing.

Riders love it.

Drivers love it.

The Rakyat love it.

Taxi companies don’t love it.

In the taxi industry, more consumer choice and better service isn’t a goal, it’s a threat. So, the taxi industry is asking the government to protect them from competition that would improve service for Malaysians and provide safer transportation for women.

Unfortunately, the government is listening to the taxi industry and ignoring the rakyat who are pleading for a safe and more reliable choice. This week, the Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) threatened to impound Uber’s transportation partners’ vehicles even though they are fully compliant with the law.  SPAD’s actions contradict their acknowledgement that “…many users are satisfied and happy with services provided by Uber”.

Malaysians have made their opinion clear. In the media, on Facebookand Twitter consumers have been outspoken in their support for Uber. Prominent citizens, including Wan Saiful Wan Jan, CEO of Independent think tank Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) have spoken up as well, explicitly stating ‘Uber benefits consumers. Reform taxi services instead.’

Around the world, Uber is working with governments to achieve common goals focused on safe, reliable and efficient transportation options, that are regulated. We look forward to meeting with the government to discuss how we can work together to encourage innovation and create a safer environment for Malaysians — not protect incumbent industries from competition.

Malaysians deserve better.


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We love you Malaysia and appreciate all the support.

Uber on, Malaysia!

Team Uber Malaysia

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