Bali doesn’t want me to leave

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I’ve had a really amazing week traveling around Bali with my parents.
We spent 2 days in Ubud, then moved up North to stay in Lovina for 2 days,
then back down to Seminyak for another 2 days.

It’s my mum’s first time in Bali, and she went mad taking hundreds of pictures cos she loves nature so. My dad has been enjoying the shopping and babi guling.

Some pretty amazing stuff has happened to me too, without me expecting it (but that’s when the best happens innit, when you have no expectations).

Some highlights:
– meeting Arif by pure chance and was stunned when i found out he’s one of the most sought-after yogis in Ubud. I had a one-on-one meditation session and learnt life lessons from him that made me laugh and cry for over an hour, while we were perched in the most beautiful teak yoga pavilion set amidst the treetops in Kamandalu
– being in an AMAZING rainbow circle as i waded out into the cold waterfall in Gigit. I stood in awe right in the middle of it, not believing my eyes! It disappeared just as suddenly as it came!
– my dad invited this Balinese wood carver from Lovina to join us for dinner one night and it was perfect. The restaurant and food were amazing, and Made made us laugh so much. We exchanged numbers, hugged and i feel like i found an older brother. Now i have to return there to visit him!
Rachel of Tanks & Kinis layaned me proper and took me to her fave spot, La Favela. I met the owner Luigi and resident art director Iman, and, for some crazy reason, Iman did one of his signature stencil artworks to give to me. I was floored. I am honored!

So many big and small wonderful moments happened too, but i’ll leave those stories for when i put all my pictures together!

Earlier this afternoon, i spent almost an hour gently packing all this shopping my parents and i did into my Rimowa, we said bye to our 2-bedroom sky pool villa at TS Suites, and headed to the airport to catch our flight home.

As we were checking in our bags, the counter lady said that there wasn’t a record of my name on the flight and i was super calm while getting her to check again. Turns out i bought the WRONG date of my flight home cos my parents are touching down after midnight and i referred to the landing date (21st) instead of departure date (20th).

The stupid thing is… when i was buying my tickets and referring to the flight times i’d booked for them months prior, i REMEMBER THINKING to myself, “God, better check the dates properly cos it’d be so dumb if i booked the wrong flight.”

I have nothing to say to myself.

My parents were a bit distraught and wanted to buy me a flight home with them but it cost RM900 and i just couldn’t bring myself to waste money for something like THAT. I actually felt MORE upset when they offered to do it cos if i wouldn’t pay something for myself, i don’t want them to either.

I felt it made more sense to book myself into another hotel for one more night, and stay in Bali till my REAL flight home 24 hours later. I’d probably get more real work and writing done without the distractions of being back in the office too. After assuring them i’d be ALRIGHT and it was meant to be; i exited the departure area, sat on the airport floor and booked a cheap room on agoda for RM120 at Bliss Surfer Hotel. It’s contemporary, clean and rated 8.2/10.

So yeah, here i am… still in Bali!

I figured since i’m here, i might as well make the most of it, and messaged Iman on whether he wants to have lunch tomorrow. He said he’ll take me on a proper tour of La Favela, so i plan to wake up for The Big Life at 9am GST (6pm PST), quick breakfast, get work done, lunch and hang out with Iman, work till flight, work on flight, home.

Admittedly, it feels good to have a surprise extra day in Bali.
I will never say no to Bali.

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