Selamat Hari Raya!!!!!

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Selamat Hari Raya to everyone!!! I’ve spent the last two Rayas taking long holidays in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, so it’s the first in awhile i’m around (ok besides taking a road trip to Clearwater last weekend, but it was only for 2 nights). I think cos i haven’t been around during Raya for a few years, i only got invited to two open houses! It’s probably better cos i eat way too much stuff i’m not supposed to (nor should but my willpower is at is weakest right now).


One batch of friends tucking in at the Sufians


Ryan, Mo, Fook and Tianna had a little jamming session.

I came out of Rudy’s room to see them gathered together and was like, “Yay! Free music!”
Rudy joined them but after watching him talk and play and go all over the place, Ion was like, “He’s on his own planet.”
Me: *burst out laughing* “You’re the second person to say that to me in the past hour!”
The first was Rahul teehee.


Claudia and i totally vibin on some contemporary yellow patterns that day!


There was a massive amount of lamb and chicken briyani, curries, dahl, two giant platters of hummus, lemang, the WORKS. At the beginning Uncle was like, “Eat, Joyce, eat! Tho i don’t know how much you can fit in you.”

*After i’ve had three giant helpings*

Uncle comes over making a “T” with both hands, ย “I think it’s time for you to timeout.”
Me: “Yup…. i cannot eat anymore….”

After that i was in a food coma for hours. I pretty much hung out at their house doing NOTHING and barely talked cos i couldn’t even concentrate on a conversation. So much for my detox last week… i totally killed it.


RudyFairyFestย forever


Aaron, Sue, me, Tianna

I was looking at the pic of me, and turned to Jess.

Me: I don’t even look like a normal person.
Jess: *nodding head slowly* You’re totally not a normal person. You’re very special.
Me: …That’s what they tell certain kids in school -_-

In my defense, i didn’t buy a single baju raya (cos i didn’t know if i’d travel last min) and i picked THAT to wear cos it was the only long-sleeve, non-transparent, not-a-sweater and ‘looked somewhat festive’ item in my closet.


I haven’t seen Kara since she was a baby, and she’s grown so quick! And beautiful.

Sometimes i’m not sure how to approach a child… If i’m in front of their parent, i act like an adult and talk to them like how other adults talk to them. But if i’m caught in a space with them, i tend to approach slowly, sidle up, look them in the eye, and suss out whether we can be friends.


The one and only Tom ๐Ÿ™‚


Will never be able to look anything but a midget next to Clem XD

+ + + + + + + +

On second day of Raya i decided i’d better go have lunch with my parents.
We had really nice dim sum!


Daddy asked after my bank + apartments + loan issues. He’s my free financial advisor.
Too bad he’s too expensive for me to manage my company’s stuff.
I need a finance manager!!! (i need to figure out more components that i need them to have/be before i try manifesting this future person and blog an announcement.)

I planned to work on Tuesday but it just didn’t happen.
We ended up home at 4pm,
tidied the house a bit, did laundry (that never ends),
and i let myself do whatever i felt like.
Watched TV, read a new book, flipped through new cook book,
snacked on bananas and organic peanut butter in an attempt to put something healthier in my mouth.

I was still feeling a bit ill from all the food i stuffed into myself on Monday.
Serve me right.

+ + + + + + + +


Officially back to work for some people, and i decided i’d go to Bodytone for Powerplate in the morn cos i hadn’t for 10 days.
It’s time to get back into shape and get back some muskel into those skinny arms.


After Powerplate i went to Myra and Fahmi’s for their open house!


Clouds, Susu, Sarah
me, Jade, Jan

Claudia and Sarch look shocked cos the person taking the pic was asking baby Jade to “LOOK!!!!” so loudly that they terkejut.


My third helping. Man the food was so good.
I had soto, satay, lemang, rendang.
I’m superpuas now!!

A few of us sat around one of the tables peeling mangosteens to eat, and i splurted one all over my top (which luckily, was purple). Myra’s dad was so sweet to cut me open mangosteens toward the end of it. I’m just wondering now was it because i sucked so bad at it.


Me and Leo, Claudia and Jade, Sueann and Lily Grace, Myra and Noah, Sarah!
Lots more #formerfrees missing



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