Inspired to exercise.

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I’ve been really INSPIRED by Nadia, Kuyim and Sa over the weekend in Kuching cos i could see how ACTIVE they are! Plus they always seem so energetic and happy too.

I know i need to take my health and exercising more seriously but it’s so damn easy to make excuses > i’m tired, i don’t have time, traffic jam, have other things to do, it’s storming, can’t wake up, need more sleep, can’t find right work out class, or the right place, bla bla bla.

They’re all EXCUSES i come up with so i can avoid working out.
No one can make me go except myself.

The reason i joined Powerplate two and a half years ago was because if i didn’t cancel a class at least 4 hours prior to it, i’d still get charged for it and i’d lose out. So the kiasu in me would push myself to GO just so i wouldn’t waste money! It did work, and i started gaining strength. But i admit that i’ve been away so much and slacking… and working out once or twice a week is really not enough.

I WANT to exercise more regularly and change it up with other activities like yoga, maybe aerial hoop, power walking interspersed with sprinting, swimming… ANYTHING to keep myself moving. I’m pretty sure my shift in mindset is also due to reading Eat Move Sleep (i haven’t even finished the whole book yet! It’s a lot of new practices to digest so i’m working on them little by little).

The human mind is an amazing thing. It makes us do things when we WANT to.
And since Kuching… i’ve been WANTING to move more, and in the past 7 days, i went to Powerplate FOUR TIMES.
I’ve never worked out 4 times a week in my entire life. Ever.
I’ve just never been that motivated!

Last Thursday, Friday, Monday and Wednesday; i’d wake up at 7:40am to make a green juice for Clem and myself, then i’d go work out. The first day i did it (Thurs) i felt INCREDIBLY energetic all day. It was crazy! I was super hyper and happy, it felt GREAT. That totally pushed me to work out again on Friday morn, and i must say i felt super tired by night time and slept like a log.

Going so constantly quickly upped my stamina and strength in a way i didn’t even know possible for my body… i can lift heavier weights in class now, i can plank for much longer and not feel like dying, i can carry the huge water bottle for our dispenser at home by myself and lift it up! I couldn’t do it before and always had to have Clem do it for me. What a weakling i was!

I’m really happy i finally got into the whole exercise thing FOR REAL now.
And i’m hoping i’ll keep it up! Now i want an UP band too to spur me on!

Check out the little muskels i developed in a few days!
I swear my arm is longer in real life… it’s the angle in which i was flexing!


Previously my arms looked like matchsticks.
Ok it still looks like a matchstick when not flexed, but a bigger matchstick at least. A twig?

Some people have said (and still say) things to me like, “Oh you’re so skinny, you don’t need to work out.”
And i’m like, “Seriously… do you even know what you’re saying?”

I KNOW i’m skinny, and it’s not like i don’t eat. I LOVE EATING. I just happen to have a higher-than-average metabolic rate which i found out from having it measured at Bodytone last week! It’s a GREAT problem to have cos i’d rather be skinny than fat! But that doesn’t mean skinny people don’t have to exercise… what nonsense is this. EVERYONE has to exercise! When i don’t exercise, all the food i eat goes into my trunk/midsection and that gets all wobbly whereas the rest of my limbs are skinny. Looks awful.

*i* exercise so that i’d feel better and look better.
Oh, and i WANT TO LIVE LONGER too.
Having a vision of looking like a hottie in a bikini helps as well XD
I even follow some female bodybuilders and models on IG so i’m inspired to have bodies like them. Or defined muscles at least.

I’ve been meaning to blog about this contest that Bodytone is having cos i’m friends with them.
Every month they pick a different personality you can work out with and this month it’s ME!

You can win a FREE workout with me with these simple steps:
1. Post A Healthy Picture of You.
2. Hashtag #iwanttobodytonewithjoyce #tonedisthenewsexy #bodytone

That’s it! My Instagram is @joycethefairy and Bodytone’s is @bodytonestudio

Two lucky winners will be picked on the following month.
Winners will be picked at random. Judges decision will be final.

Layan me and go enter la… who knows, it’s a small step that could change your life!
It could be a picture of you eating healthy, skipping rope, cleaning the house, anything!

Good luckkkkk!!!!!


3 Responses to Inspired to exercise.

  1. Dee says:

    Yes, join aerial hoop! 🙂 Gonna whatsapp you more details about it! xx

  2. Sa says:

    nice toned arms, shoulders and deltoids girl 🙂

  3. Ellyn says:

    I so AGREE with you when people ask “You’re so skinny, why exercise?”. I used to think like that before I started exercising. Now, exercise is a part of my life. I am already skinny but exercise is a way of life.

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