What a bad month for Malaysia

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It certainly has been one of the worst months i’ve ever seen Malaysia face in my life.
First Anwar’s arrest, then the continuous disappearance of flight MH370,
the drought which brought on the fires and haze and water shortage,
and most recently, the cancellation of Day 3 Future Music Festival Asia.

I think a lot of us needed the fest, to go out and stop thinking about the flight for awhile.
But i can see why it had to be canceled. Five people died that night, with a more in critical condition in the hospital. I heard through the grapevine that it’s not due to an overdose, as reports have said, but because of a bad batch of MDMA. Sometimes people have a drink and they don’t even know someone has slipped MDMA in it! So you can’t simply go blaming the kids who died, that’s terrible!

My condolences goes out to the family and friends of the deceased.
It’s a real tragedy that partying led to the grave.

I want to let people know that this was beyond the organiser’s control. They are my friends and i’ve seen them slave away for months to organise an event of this magnitude on an international level. Did they not pull of last year’s FMFA with no deaths from drugs? It was a terrible awful tragedy that a batch of drugs so destructive as to kill so many people in one night took place, but raves and festivals have been happening in Malaysia for over 15 years, and i can’t recall another time this many people died in one night.

FMFA did what they had to do to prevent more people from hurting themselves.

You think the organisers wanted to cancel Day 3? This is their job and their passion. They research, plan and promote this thing for months on end because they believe in bringing in great music and raising the entertainment industry in Malaysia. They put their money where their mouths are. By cancelling Day 3, they have to refund people their tickets BUT all the artistes and tour fees are already paid for. The artistes are paid hundreds of thousands of USD.

So please, have some empathy for the guys who were making a difference in the entertainment scene here on a global level (i heard people flew in from as far as the US), and it fatefully turned around for the worst. If I were them I’d want to bury myself into a hole and disappear right now, WHICH IS WHY this is the time to give some real love to Livescape. (Some people posted on Facebook that they will NOT be claiming their refund, in support of the company as to aid their losses. It’s a great idea.)

Don’t blame the police, don’t blame the organisers, don’t blame the kids who died.
Blame the drug dealer and the drug smuggler.
I hope they get caught and charged for murder.


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  1. ajis says:

    well said & may god bless those kids’ soul. im still hurt with the comments made by some in fmfa fb. duh!!!!!

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