A series of unfortunate events.

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Ahmygad. So many things have been happening the past few days…
I’m in the airport waiting to board and decided to answer some emails and blog a bit.

Last weekend, my family made our way to Awanmulan on Saturday to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday! There were 6 of us – my parents, me, Clem, my bro Nick and his gf Sonia. Oh wait 7 of us. Caeser the chow chow came along too. No one thought it’d be a problem for Caeser to go, cos he’s a well-behaved city dog but alas, because he’s male, one of the dogs in the vicinity got really aggressive towards Caeser the moment he stepped out of the car, and Caeser snarled back.

We thought we chased the other dog Daniel away, but he suddenly went RUSHING at Caeser, there was a moment of complete chaos as Caeser ran around my dad’s legs and my dad tripped over Caeser or the leash backwards toward the slope. I saw my dad fall and thought, “Shit. Ok no i’m sure he’ll be okay” and ran off to get myself in between Daniel and Caeser, while my brother Nick ran down the hill to catch Caeser, and my mum was screaming.

Oh man. Clem helped my dad up, and he was in such obvious pain that we had to fetch him a chair and he sat there for about 20 minutes before Clem fetched him, my mum and Nick to the nearest hospital with Uncle Teng leading the way.

I felt so shit.
Like it was my fault for not being more cautious of how dogs would react there.
Or how i should have suggested my brother carry Caeser in.
Or how if i was earlier maybe Daniel wouldn’t have been there when we arrived.

I’d been planning this getaway for us since October last year, and this had to happen before my dad even managed to step into the place ๐Ÿ™
In the end, he got an x-ray and painkillers (at this impressive new private hospital in Seremban) and we discovered today that he’s got a fractured vertebra.
It’s so upsetting to see your parent in pain… like you’re so helpless and a child again.

He was being quite positive yesterday tho, saying that these things happen and at least we were all around when it did – which is true! We still managed to spend time together at Awanmulan, and my mum and bro could see why Clem and i always go there cos it’s so beautiful. Poor daddy couldn’t move around much so he stayed in the room with Caeser as we went out.

I’ll blog the pix in another post when i’m in Frankfurt. Clem and i got home around 6pm on Sunday evening, and my plans were to unpack from Awanmulan, do laundry, and pack for Europe cos my flight is on Monday.

I suddenly got news that my grannie was bleeding in the brain and had to go in for neurosurgery in London. I didn’t know the extent of the surgery… and just hoped it would go great. I know she’s old, but i don’t think it’s her time yet!!! I comforted myself with the thought that my aunt and uncle would ensure she got the best doctors to perform it and i just had to be patient for the results.

In the same hour, i received a whatsapp message from a friend in Jakarta… who told me her boyfriend had passed away. I didn’t understand anything. I was utterly confused cos i just saw them in KL for drinks a mere few days ago. They also took Clem and a bunch of our KL friends out when we went to Jakarta for the Phoenix concert last January.

After 30 minutes of messaging other friends, being on the phone and packing for Europe haphazardly, i found out that he passed away possibly from 1) weak heart, 2) the same stupid drug that’s been killing people in KL pre- and during FMFA.

Btw, i found out that police reports state that 5 people who passed away *from FMFA* were actually fetched to the hospital from Ascott hotel and NOT FMFA grounds. Which is why the FMFA organisers were so confused when people were saying on social media on Saturday the 15th that 5 people died. They had no idea cos FMFA has a huge professional medical tent that is almost like a hospital and anyone who isn’t well goes through that tent.

Anyway. I just couldn’t believe that he passed away just like that. I felt mad that he had to be so stupid to take stuff after all the reports of people dying in KL and Jakarta from this mystery drug.

What a waste.
What a terrible mistake to make.
What a stupid way to die.

People these days put all sorts of rubbish and poison into drugs to make a quick buck.
You have NO IDEA what’s in there!

I don’t know what to say except to please tell all your friends this story so that they would NOT take something and end up shutting down their own body.

Rest in peace dude. You didn’t deserve to go like this.
Also, you should be remembered for the person you were and not how you went,
and i’d like to end this with a mention that people have been saying you are one of the most generous and nicest guys they’ve ever known.

This has been a shocker for many of us. I couldn’t concentrate on packing and even lost my phone in my own apartment. Found it 30 minutes later in a paperbag of wrapping paper (must have been when i was wrapping presents for Eurotrip).

This morning my aunt told us that the surgery on my grannie was successful, so i’m really relieved about that. I’m so glad i decided to fly to London to spend some time with them seeing i’m already going to Frankfurt, so i’ll get to see my grannie.

I can’t wait to get on this flight actually.
Flights are my quiet time, when i get to just SIT down, i don’t have to work, i don’t have to be online, i don’t have to talk to anyone. I can just rest and think. And i think i have a lot of unthunk* thoughts to sort through.

*i know there’s no such word as unthunk, leave it


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  1. Michelle says:

    May all be well.

    I read this post in tears! Damn hormones.
    Hope daddy and granny gets well soon.

  2. Diva In Me says:

    I’m sorry to hear that there’s so much happening lately for you. I hope your dad and granny is well. Be safe and have a safe trip.

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