This haze is so depressing!

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Well, i’m blaming it on the haze anyway.

I just felt so down and blah today,
driving through the streets of KL,
having the slight stench of smoke infiltrate my nostrils,
barely seeing a building that’s 100 metres away.

I really pity the motorcyclists and people who have to work outdoors!
At least i’m mostly in my car and don’t have to breathe in that grime.

I dunno la, sometimes the weather here makes me want to move.
It’s so hot, there’s so much pollution, water problem, and a lot more deeper social and political issues i won’t touch on.

You see i told you i was kinda down today!
I really wish i lived somewhere with more nature tho.
A big part of me feels like i’m a true city girl inside and i’d be bored senseless with lack of projects if i moved.
But another part of me feels so sick of the amount of cement and grey i have to stare at. Oh and the weather too.

I heard San Fran has the most PERFECT weather temperature.
Last night i asked Clem how serious the proposition of moving to France would be (mostly so i know how much renovation we should be doing on the new apartment).

It’s like i’m trying to ESCAPE.
But deep down i know i can’t escape discontent… it’s something i have to rectify within myself.

I used to feel guilty about having a blah day but now i just accept it.
I can’t be happy and ecstatic all the time (tho i just feel i used to be!) so i’m just gonna list down things that are gonna make me happy for the rest of the day.

1) Clem comes home! And i’m gonna cook tenderloin!
I haven’t eaten a steak since CHRISTMAS.
I think i’ve been pretty good about eating less meat so TODAY i will let myself enjoy it thoroughly!!

2) I don’t have any work pending tonight (half cup full)
so i can just spend time watching a movie with Clem

3) Go back to reading my book before bed
I’m almost done with And The Mountains Echoed and will be sorry when it’s over.

OK let’s hope this haze clears up, especially before Future Music Fest!!!!


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  1. Denzel says:

    Life can be a bitch
    Sometimes everything seems to be a struggle
    Big Brother doesn’t seem to give two hoots
    The poor rakyat is lost in hope
    Reconsider all your options
    What happens in one, two or more years
    Ever wondered why so many left for yonder shores
    Malaysia is no longer the greener pasture

    A Brisbanite in Emphaty

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