Mayland SUCKS

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I am so pissed off!
I haven’t been so annoyed in so long!!!
I bought a piece of property from Mayland two years ago when it was in developing stage, and it was finished end of last year (a few months late).

They sent me the handover letter dated 31st Dec 2013, but the post mark on it was dated 16th Jan 2014.
That alone lost me two weeks. Then it was CNY, nobody was open.
When i finally went to their office to get my key, i had to question this RM18K+ “interest advice” that mysteriously appeared in my handover letter.
They said it’s because my bank (i used HSBC) paid them late.
Of course, it wasn’t HSBC, even the LAWYERS that Mayland hired quietly mentioned it’s actually the developer’s fault.
So i had to go back and forth getting proof from the bank and lawyers to give to Mayland so they’d waive the interest advice. (I must add, that both the banker and lawyers were really helpful and swift in their assistance, as opposed to Mayland!)

What makes NO SENSE is that Aps bought a unit right below me, we went thru the SAME banker and home loan scheme, and she doesn’t have any interest advice of that amount.
After i told her to check her letter carefully, she discovered she also had this “interest advice” of around RM2K.
Nothing near mine, but still, people who are keen to get their keys will just simply sign off and pay and Mayland gets this money!

What adds to the ultra annoyance of this whole experience are the NUMBER of agents bombarding us with text messages and phone calls to rent or sell our units. WHO GAVE THESE people our contact details!? It’s illegal to give our private information out freely!

There was one afternoon i was so busy and took a call, and this guy was sloooowllyyyyy asking me whether i wanted to sell my unit. I had HAD IT. I told him, “I keep on getting phone calls from agents! It’s annoying and it’s wrong for you to use information that isn’t yours! Where did you get my information from?” And he said? “I dunno… my boss give me…” Slap myself and die i tell you.

Ok fine. So when i get the documents of proof that Mayland should waive this RM18K+ fee, it’s almost mid-end Feb.
And this whole time, i have to already start paying my mortgage while Mayland takes their own fucking sweet time.
I’m always the one calling and chasing them up and they are so incompetent it takes all my self-control to be polite.
Today i have finally LOST IT.

I was told that i’d most probably get my clearance letter to get my keys this week.
Dahlah i couldn’t get it last week cos they said some Puan Sri who’s supposed to sign off the approval (to waive something that’s not even supposed to be there in the first place!) is away in Hong Kong all week FFS.
So i called today and really, this should be the last week cos i’ve done everything i could.
But they love to make me wait… oh they do.
Today they said that the management is still on it.
And this girl attending to me had the cheek to laugh a little bit on the phone!
I don’t see how this is FUNNY in any way! So much for professionalism!
They keep on saying it’s the management, it’s the management.
Well, WHAT THE FUCK are the management DOING!?

It’s almost mid-March… almost two and a half months after the bloody building has been completed!

Why do people work like this!?!?!?

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  1. Lainie says:

    I’ve been looking for property to buy so this is good to know. Will avoid the grief. Hope this gets sorted soon, otherwise, get a lawyer.

  2. Ching says:

    I bought their property in Johor, is almost the same thing, This developer have no integrity. They are suckers.

  3. rudyrozaidi says:

    Wow, I really feel for you. They really suck. What I dont get is, arent they suppose to service a customer to their utmost fullest. They take your money and treat you like a bitch. Thats cold. Its really reflects attitude. Mayland does suck. Yay for you writing this. Power to the peeps!!!

  4. Mellissa says:

    Aside from that, developers also share their database with furniture and home appliance suppliers so be ready for those calls as well -_-“

  5. Tina says:

    Kinks, it’s depressing reading about you got so mad. Kinkybluefairy is such a happy place. Hope you’ll get your keys today and can’t wait to read your happy posts especially you doing up your new place and see how you decorate it. I hope you’ll share because you have such good taste and you are an inspiration. Hugs, Tina.

  6. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Lainie: and have to pay more money for lawyer… fuuuu….

    Melissa: oh gawd. thanks for the heads up

    Tina: aww don’t worry, i was angry for 30 mins and it was a way of release. i can’t be perfect and sunshiney all the time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Ashley says:

    Oh, they make my developer sound so much more efficient and responsible although not really. If your house is a condo unit, be prepared to be harassed by samseng contractors who claim ownership to renovate the whole building. One of my girlfriends had to go through that experience and her appointed contractors were harassed while working on her unit. I’m having frustrations about my home’s alarm system right now and cannot believe how the vendor’s product do not match with TM’s ever-changing network system. My advice is to make sure your cross check everything before installing anything if they don’t come with your house already. Lots of luck!

  8. JoyceTheFairy says:

    ashley: omg what??!?!? ah i heard all developers are like this but i still couldn’t believe it…-_-

  9. Emily says:

    Yes all developers are like this. They are really really slow…. your calls get passed on from one to another.

    You can’t quite stop the agents from calling thou. I send in a harassment report to the developer for breach of privacy. It stops for about 3-8 months and then it slowly came back anyway. I gave up. Too tiring.

    Then the answer you get are the technician, the cleaner, the admin sold ur information, not the developer and yada yada…

    Patience my dear. It will all settle down in time. But do take note on Ashley’s. It does happen to many places. Don’t give in to the contractors tho.

    When you get your keys, you don’t have to sign the papers immediately. They should let you inspect your home. Must check wall, piping, door, locks, wiring, flooring, scratches, sliding door mechanism… well in short every freaking thing. Take pictures, compile them with comment on every pictures, send in to the developer’s PIC a black and white to get it fixed. Must set deadlines. Don’t sign on sections you don’t agree on. Else the repair will take forever.

  10. Ashley says:

    Well to be fair, mine didn’t have quite a good reputation from way back when. Shoddy workmanship. I think they’ve gone through a rebranding exercise and look like they’ve been trying to be better. People who react with a HUH?! when I told them I bought my house from this developer go OK LAH NOT BAD when they see my house. Still pretty low standard lah considering the fact that we live in Bolehland. But I was super strict during the handover process and repair period. The staff were surprisingly helpful and even pointed out that I had to submit a letter to demand full amount of refund due to late handover. Maybe she was just trying to get karma points and too many other well informed owners already did so anyway. Repairs were fairly quick but not really helpful to fix some of the cracks and leaks. Some I just gave up on and asked my reno contractor to kautim for me. So in short, much patience is needed. It’ll be a year since I moved into my house in two months’ time but there are still so many things that can go wrong and need fixing!!

  11. Beth says:

    Recently bought their Royal Regent 3 years ago. The house was delivered so incredibly late and upon receiving the keys they decided to only give us 50% of the late delivery fee and told us if we want the keys we should just accept the money and if we wanted the full fee we can just go to court and wait even longer for the keys ๐Ÿ™ now that we have the keys the defects in the house is just absolutely depressingg. The whole entrance is slanted!! And that’s not the only thing that’s wrong. Sigh. It’s terrible that we waited so long and now that we finally have the keys there’s so much to do and more waiting!

    Oh and about those agents calling everyday. We get it. All day. Every day. Whilst checking the defects that day they were even walking around inside the condo, floor to floor and had all our details. So there is no doubt it is an inside job.

  12. ANDY says:

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience.
    I had similar experience with this developer.
    After many rounds of hit back and forth with much frustration, the problem is still not solved.

    drop me a mail if you wish to discuss about it.
    my sis chance upon this and forward ur page to me.

    andy, singapore

  13. Grace says:

    Aiyo kesian you lah!!!! Must be so incredibly frustrating to deal with this kind of developer. Breathe in and out Joyce. Hope the whole ordeal be over soon!

  14. angryfairy says:

    Have bad experience with this famous developer {wrong way), had suffer for 12 years after bought a unit of their service apartment in 2003. Most of their toilet are leaking, they will push u around, all kind of excute, blame the upper unit fault, it is never their mistake! i had HAD enough of those stupid dump of those call Management! I was frustrated n feel the same as KinkyBlueFairy and also those who had bought their stupid properties are suffering in silent as way, cos’ i face the same as what she had n my case haven’t solve till today!!! they are SUCKED!!! swear will never buy their property anymore!!!

  15. Kevin says:

    How is the unit that you bought so far Kinky Blue Fairy?

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