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The Luxe Nomad

One of my favourite travel sites,, has relaunched its website with fresh content and service features and a live chat system.

Get the best available rates for luxury hotels, resorts and villas, while visiting their new online mag filled with city guides, travel + fashion + style, industry news and reviews from their team of curators and celebrity nomads. I just saw the pix on *this article* and my heart was aching to go on a holiday already!


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POP by Jaya One

I was interviewed by the vid team from POP @ Jaya One for opening a pop up store for KinkyBlueFairy!

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Deep aka The Thirsty Blogger recently launched Huggaz, a brand that provides neoprene insulators to keep your beers and wines cold in our tropical weather!


They’re great for outdoor parties, picnics, festivals, etc; and you can order personalized ones for your company parties!

I just ordered a batch of Huggaz especially for KinkyBlueFairy and i can’t wait for you all to see them!

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Neubodi Active

I’ve recently been sponsored lots of new workout wear by Neubodi Active, who tied up with Bodytone (where i do my Powerplate classes). Thanks for having me!


With April, Pam, Sarah, and Deb



Semangat, did all these exercises in front of the media.
I get to stand in the front cos i’m so much shorter than all these models!!
What i like about my Neubodi Active sports bra is that it clasps at the back so i don’t have to squeeze myself into it, plus it’s got amazing support. Let’s just say there’s no jiggling during jumping jacks.


There’s a Neubodi boutique in Bangsar Village 2

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The Music Run

Probably the funnest run yet, the Music Run covers 5km across 5 different music zones come end of this month!


Date:                    23rd March 2014 (Sunday)
Time:                   0730 – 1300 hours
Venue:                 Selangor Turf Club – Sungai Besi, Balakong, Selangor, Malaysia
Entry:                   MYR 70



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