Happy 60th Birthday to my Mummy!

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My mum turns 60 today!!!
We took her to Awanmulan last weekend and it was my family's first time there.
Unfortunately my dad literally broke his back when we arrived  :*( so he's not in the pool pix


My mum she realises why Clem and i go there so much!


Mummy, Nick & Sonia


Family pic! (Note that hoop is part of family XD)


Extended family pic!




Present taim! Mummy got a sonicare toothbrush, a Nokia Lumia, and a cookbook.
There's another present but i forgot to bring it -_- Still in my apartment #daughterfail

b-mummy-60th-birthday-awanmulan-3  b-mummy-60th-birthday-awanmulan-5

We had raclette using the machine Clem and i hand-carried back from France,
along with salted egg yolk crabs and a spinach and rocket salad i made.


b-mummy-60th-birthday-awanmulan-6 b-mummy-60th-birthday-awanmulan-7 b-mummy-60th-birthday-awanmulan-8 b-mummy-60th-birthday-awanmulan-9 b-mummy-60th-birthday-awanmulan-14 b-mummy-60th-birthday-awanmulan-15

With Uncle Teng and Aunty Anne of Awanmulan


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