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Some people were shocked at my previous post but i’m not that fussed about it!
I just had a fleeting 30 minutes of anger y’know, then it dissipates. I think Mayland deserves it anyway.
The last time i wrote an angry post was probably 5 years ago so i think i have some license

There are much bigger things happening right now anyway (which we all know what).
I check up on the news a few times a day and it’s heart-wrenching to know there is still so much mystery revolving MH370.
Claudia suggested *this Yahoo link* to follow regularly for news.

On a completely different note, i’ve been meaning to compile some interesting organic/healthy finds i’ve discovered recently. Since my colon hydrotherapy detox (which i HAVE YET TO FINISH WRITING bout cos it’s so long!), i’ve been on a new journey to use organic food in my cooking, cut down my consumption of processed food (so hard when our tastebuds are accustomed to so much artificial flavouring), eat raw when i’m trying to be good, eat less meat, smoke and drink less, exercise more, etc.

I think because i’m on the lookout for services for this new lifestyle of mine, i’ve come to take note of these really cool startups that i think deserve a mention and publicity!

Behold and be healthy!



Delicious Detox Delivery

Run by two European health experts who are residing in Malaysia, DDD’s mission reads: “It is our mission, to re-introduce you to the most nourishing and delicious food and make it easy for you to obtain: we deliver it right to your doorstep! Because we care. We care about you and our planet. The more unprocessed food we consume, the lesser burden we put on our body and our beautiful mother earth!”


+ + + + + + + + + + + +

I’ve stopped buying chickens in the local supermarket cos i can’t stand how much FAT it has! It completely grosses me out and i only buy kampung/free-range chickens now. Chickens nowadays mature into adults a whole lot FASTER than of yesteryear, and it’s because of all the hormones they’re injected with! How do you think these chickens get so plump and fat? And why do you think more and more little girls get their periods at age 10 nowadays? It’s so scary! I talk about this with my friends who cook all the time.

I read on this website that eating meat produced with antibiotics and hormones cause issues like:

  • early puberty in children
  • breast, prostate, and other cancers
  • inability to fight bacterial infections

People need to be a lot more aware of where their food comes from and how it’s grown.
SweetEe and i exchange a lot of info with each other, and she shared these two websites with me where you can order free-range chicken in KL.



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There are also a couple of juice companies that have come into my radius recently!

The Organic Juicery


The Organic Juicery delivers detox kits in the form of fresh organic fruit and veggie juices. They’ve got delicious-sounding recipes i’ve seen on Instagram but have been to lazy to try myself. Kits go from 1-Day (RM150) to 3-Days (RM390)

Visit their IG @theorganicjuicerymy and FB Page The Organic Juicery My

+ + + + + +

Strip Juice


Strip Juice uses cold press technology to bring you the freshest purest juice with no added sugar, no preservatives, no flavouring, nor binding agents. Choose from Orange, Grapefruit (both 500ml bottle) and Pomegranate (250ml) selling for RM23 per bottle.

They say that they don’t easily use the word “organic” as it’s tough to get organic fruits all year round, but reassure people that it’s roughly 80% organic fruits that are used.

Visit or

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For some reading material! >


The Chalkboard Mag

The first time i stumbled onto the Chalkboard mag early this year, i spent a good couple of hours on it!


Hope you learnt some new stuff from here!
If you have any other companies you think should be in this post please comment on this post and i’ll include them!


6 Responses to Better out than in

  1. Cat says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for years (and enjoying it) and I think that it’s great that you highlight healthy stuff now, cause I’m also trying to eat healthy and less processed. Maybe turning 30 had something to do with it
    ^^ anyway thanks so much for posting these links! 😀

  2. bulats says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! have been looking for detox juices!

  3. Diana says:

    Thanks for the infos!
    Would like to share with you on organic vege also you can try this which uses biodynamic and can order their vege box 🙂

  4. jazzy says:

    Thanks for sharing, Joyce! 🙂

    Esp love the Chalkboard mag. Here’s another site that I love too:


  5. KS says:

    Thanks for sharing. All the sites look great but the kampung chicken site says they sell peacocks, ducklings and goslings??? Not as meat I hope :(!!

  6. says:

    What a beautiful print top and love the different shades of blue!

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