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I’ve been on a liquid detox the whole week, as i’m undergoing colon hydrotherapy @ Pure Health. There was another blogpost i wanted to post before this one… about WHY i chose to do a colon cleansing, but i’ll post that later cos this whole week has really been about me and everything is kinda all over the place.

It feels good tho… to concentrate on preparing my own liquid meals and taking care of my body and mental health. I’ve never felt better in the past 5 years… (except when drunk or on holiday). I’ll be adding to this post bit by bit. I didn’t write about Day 1 or Day 2 cos i was just concentrating on myself, but i’ll add it in later when i can ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 3:

Wow. I didn’t set my morning alarm the night before so i could sleep as long as my body wanted to, and i slept for ALMOST 12 hours!!! From midnight to 11:30AM! I had so many insane dreams rolled into one night, more than i’ve ever encountered (that i can remember).

I dreamt that Cammy came to pick me up in a white car, and Cameron was strapped in the passenger seat. Instead of stopping, she tried to bang me down for fun! Luckily i had superhuman strength and managed to hold the car off while scolding her. I was quite annoyed in the dream tho!

I dreamt about how Tongue in Chic became so successful that Jia Wei and Claudia had a circus tent with revolving floors where they’d do awesome fashion shows and throw other performances as well. I bumped into Yuna going for an audition in the tent, and other ppl like Reza, JP, and other peeps i can’t remember were all congregating there for shows.

I dreamt that Aps was driving an old Proton Saga (like Clem’s previous car) and tried to avoid a roadblock by driving through someone’s mansion while they were celebrating Chinese New Year.

I dreamt one of my ex boyfriends became a model and asked my opinion which of his cover shots i thought looked best -_-

This was my favourite > I dreamt that i was on a beautiful beach which wasn’t very big but the sky was super blue and sand was perfectly clean and yellow. There were lots of people around, so a friend and i found a more empty spot where i offered to walk back to where we were to buy some food and drinks. I remember there were three types of cake in front of me and i picked two pieces so we could share both and try more! They were yummy. I also carried back two pints of a mixture of red wine + Guinness(?!?!). While i was trying to get the food and drink together, i bumped into so many people and they were distracting me but i just wanted to GET BACK to my beach spot to relax. Finally got back and realised there were 2 butlers standing every 10 metres apart on the beach so i didn’t have to leave my spot anymore. I played with my hula hoop for ages and it wasn’t too hot nor too cold on the beach. I remember thinking, “DAMN this is one of the best dreams ever! I get to play with my hula hoop while actually resting!”

Had other dreams too but lazy to write the rest, not keterlaluan interesting.

When i woke up, i thought about how great a sleep i had… and had all these emotions that i remember feeling as a child course through my body. It was so weird yet wonderful. I don’t know how to explain except this FEELING of being a child again.

I felt so happy and grateful for such a great sleep. Then thought about how silly my dreams were and started laughing to myself in bed. Oh my goodness! I can’t remember the last time i laughed to myself in the morning when i woke up…

Made my juices, went for a massage at Energy Spa (Ida is so awesome… i want to return during CNY just cos), then straight to my appointment at Pure Health. I was really optimistic that it would be a breeze, but today was rather tiring! Irene said it’s cos the water is going further up my colon and working hard to get toxic bits that have been there for ages… There were a lot of bubbles in the tube today and she said it’s gas trapped in between my waste against my colon wall, that gets released when the waste is released. She also mentioned its a sign of someone whose body is very toxic and consumes too much cheese or alcohol -_-

Man. I don’t know how to say this but the amount of bubbles i released into that tube really grossed me out. I can’t believe i’ve had that much gas stuck in me for YEARS. WTF. Am seriously reconsidering how much alcohol i’m gonna put in my body from now on…

I also got a vibrating machine to hold against my stomach to help dislodge the waste. I felt kinda nauseas and Irene said it’s cos the water is pushing up my extra gas deep inside my colon, and the gas pushing up obviously makes me feel sick.

Ah i was super tired after the session today… totally passed out in the infrared bed.

Wendy got me to take this Skin Carotenoid Score test – which basically measures the amount of antioxidants (containing nutrients) in my body. There are 5 things that affect one’s SCS score = 1) diet; 2) lifestyle; 3) supplements; 4) genetics; and one more i can’t remember whoops.

So this machine that is used is called theย Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scannerย and was awarded the Nobel Prize.
I place my hand against it for 2 minutes, and get to see my score immediately.

Wendy said that anything below 50 is fail.
So i said, “So if i get below 50, i fail at life.”
She’s so nice to go, “No…”

Anyway, guess what i got… i thought i’d get around 40-something. Or 30-something if i’m unlucky…


I got 24!
Oh my @#($*#@(*

I barely registered what Wendy was saying to me after, cos i couldn’t stop the sentence screaming in my head, “I can’t believe i got 24!!!”

I asked her how much she got the last time she measured, and she said 73. Her son scores a 93.
Oh man. I can’t believe i used my human battery power to that level.



pharmanex-1 pharmanex-2 pharmanex-3 pharmanex-4

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  2. aw says:

    Hello.. Nobel Prize for a machine? TOTALLY FALSE. Nobel Prize is awarded to people.

    “According to Women’s Health Letter, the device is a “scam” since it is designed merely to help sell more supplements”

    Antioxidants… carotenoid…

    WHY DON’T YOU JUST ASK ANY DOCTOR FRIENDS?? All these are psedo-science MLM/health scams.

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    aw: thanks for your input ๐Ÿ™‚

    the Nobel Prize behind the technology was actually won by Sir CV Raman. i’m sorry i didn’t convey it in more accurate manner –

    i have uploaded at the end of my blogpost how it appeared in the national paper for the US being USA Today and how the company won the 2005 American Business Awards as being the Most Innovative.

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