The necessary things for a day out

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I'm going for Clem's company's Family Day tomorrow and i've packed a backpack of things to ensure i that i will be entertained (in the absence of running around) at all times.

Got my ipod and x-mini speakers, camera, lip balm, sunblock, hat, fan, gum, mints, bubbles, poi, care bear figurine, enzymes, moisturizer, change of clothes, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, Disney plasters, purse, and rum. Clem does not approve of the latter. He also didn't approve of my tiny bell.

I rang it and proclaimed, "Ok baby, when i ring this, that means i'm looking for you okay."
He stared back at me. "No... no you are not bringing that bell..."
"Of course i'd bring it, what if i can't find you?"
"...Then you stop and ask others if they've seen me, like normal people would."
"Hmm i'm bringing it just in case, you never know."

Ooh! I just thought of something else to bring! Pom poms! I have a proper set i bought years ago and keep in its own dust bag. I wonder if that will be too much...


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