NARS is finally in Malaysia!

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* written by SweetEe *

If you’re a fan of cult make up brand NARS, you’d be delighted to know that the brand is finally opening its first store in Pavilion in November! No more having to pay loads for shipping fees, stocking up when traveling overseas, or begging friends to bring some back for you!


Did you know that NARS first started off by selling 12 lipsticks?

Founder Francois Nars was exposed to the world of beauty and fashion since an early age thanks to his own mother’s love for fashion. He became a famous make up artist, designer and photographer; earning recognition for his extraordinary make up skills and creativity from personalities like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Marc Jacob; and magazines Vogue Italia, American Vogue and Elle.

Frustrated by the limited choices of make up products, Francois Nars begin to develop his own make up line with 12 lipsticks, and they sold out in Barneys, New York. Since then, the brand continues to develop and has became one of the most sought-after beauty brands in the world.


Today, Francois Nars remains artistic director, in-house photographer, and copywriter of his own brand. Every single ad campaign for NARS is directed by him.

To celebrate its launch in Malaysia, there will be some NARS products that will be named after KL and will be introduced when the store launches. This includes an eyeshadow duo called Kuala Lumpur, and the Multiple that will be called Malaysia.


NARS’ skin care line will also be introduced in the Malaysian market.

Brought in by Shiseido Malaysia, the official launch of NARS took place at Troika Sky Dining >


The set up for the event was lovely, with candles and flowers everywhere.


The night was perfect – great view of KL, NARS sampling session, famous faces and drinks 🙂

nars event

Emcee Elaine Daly; Japanese make up artist who was specially invited that night; and the director of Shiseido Malaysia, who tried really hard to bring the brand into Malaysia (Thank you!!!)

nars makeup malaysia

Famed for its amazing quality, I can’t find a flaw in NARS products. Their eye shadows blend smoothly, the options for different products are wide, and you’re BOUND to find something that would suit you perfectly!



I love how smooth the eye shadows are, and they blend so well on the eyelid too! One great thing about NARS is despite how outrageous the colour may be, it always ends up making one look exclusive!


Their wide range of gel eye liners. The blue one on the bottom row in the middle is amazing for parties and nights out!


NARS nail polish.

orgasm nars

If i’m going to talk about NARS, i can’t forget to include their famous blush, Orgasm. Orgasm is well-known for its amazing compatibility with different skin tones, goes well with everything, and gives you the perfect blushing effect you want to achieve. Can’t deny that this blush is one of the most iconic shades for cheeks in the industry!

nars troika


NARS concept store will first open in Pavilion in November, followed by other major shopping malls in Malaysia.



7 Responses to NARS is finally in Malaysia!

  1. Sam L says:

    No offense at all really, but you’ve got a few facts wrong. First, Nars’ makeup products that is named after Malaysia includes the eyeshadow duo named Kuala Lumpur and the Multiple that is named Malaysia, is already out for years, because you made it sound like Nars especially made the products for the launch in Malaysia.
    Secondly, the Orgasm blush does not have two shades, unless you are talking about the Super Orgasm blush, which is essentially like the original Orgasm but with more glitters. And Orgasm itself is not matte in anyway at all, and is packed with golden shimmer.
    And are you sure that Nars is opening this month in Pavilion? Because in every blog and article I’ve read about the opening says that the store will open in November.

    Nonetheless, I’m still quite psyched about the store coming to Malaysia.

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Sam: Thanks very much for pointing out the errors!

  3. Ginny says:

    So excited for NARS coming in to Malaysia. I always wish to try about NARS as I always love makeup and beauty stuffs. Too bad I didn’t manage to get it from oversea before. However, I will get it this coming November… hehe
    So lucky of you to get to attend the event. I so wish to join beauty event in the future because I blog too! ^^

  4. Angeline says:

    UGH, I’ve always wanted NARS to come to Malaysia and not just in KL, but Penang! There’s no NARS in Penang at all and I really need it here T_T

  5. Chantelle says:

    Great info! Gonna go to pavillion and check out the store! Are the prices reasonable though?

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  7. wan nur betty nadia bt wan nor ghazali says:

    Hye Nars Malaysia..have a good day..
    My question much is the price for Nars Punjab Sheer Glow Foundation 30ml?

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