#StepOut shoe collection with MizzNina, Marion Caunter & Deborah Henry

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Shoe designer Jonathan Zng of zngbyzng.com has collaborated with Deborah Henry, Marion Caunter and Mizz Nina to launch a collection of shoes inspired by the female celebrities to raise money for the Fugee School.

The Fugee School is an education hub for refugee children in Malaysia, especially children who have experienced and witnessed the effects of war which no child should have to endure. Despite now living in Malaysia, these children still have limited access to education and employment, thus the establishment of the Fugee School which creates a fun and friendly environment 5 days a week for them to study English, Mathematics, Art, and Science as well as to develop their physical and creative side.

I know Deb is always involved in some activity or another with the children from the Fugee School, so this is just one of her many efforts to raise funds to support the school. Jon stepped in with the fundraising idea to design a collection whereby all profits go to the Fugee School.

Zng Step Out 1

Zng Step Out 5

Zng Step Out 10

All in all, there are 3 designs which are each available in 2 colours. They retail for RM149 per pair and can be purchased online at zngbyzng.com & fashionvalet.com.

More pictures of the collection below >

Zng Step Out 2

Zng Step Out 4

Zng Step Out 3

Zng Step Out 6 Zng Step Out 7 Zng Step Out 8

Zng Step Out 9  Zng Step Out 11 Zng Step Out 12

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