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I’ve SO much to blog about now cos i’ve been doing SO much and barely at home. Or if i am, i’m getting over a hangover before running back out again. I don’t think i’ve DRANK so much for a long time! I mean, i drink in KL, but maybe like three times a week. Here, i’ve been drinking EVERY SINGLE DAY since i got here! The ONLY day i didn’t drink was yesterday (Sunday) and even then it’s only cos i already got massively drunk two nights running and my body AND brain was saying ‘nooooo’.

A recap of my past week so i know what i’ve been doing!

Mon: Had a japanese lunch nearby at See, then went out with Yishyene at the park and Gold Mine
Tues: Went to the RAC to sit in the steam room and get a massage, went to watch The Wier at the Donmar, then dinner at Rules
Wed: Woke up early and walked along the canal to Camdem market with Y, bought fun circus stuff, had a kangaroo burger for lunch, worked a bit in afternoon, had dinner in Pearl Liang for Uncle Mark’s birthday!
Thurs: Went to Internet World most of the day, stopped by Selfridges, had steak dinner in Clapham
Fri: Had French lunch with Jason and Neena and got massively drunk -_- Went to Burn The Floor, didn’t get thrown out, had dinner at Mr Kong’s
Sat: Walked around some shops, had lunch at Zuma, went for Paul Smith’s talk at Vogue Festival, walked around some more, had dinner that Mama cooked at home with Y, then Y and i went clubbing and i came home at 5:30am :p
Sun: quick lunch at home, went back to Vogue Festival for Mario Testino, went to the Light Show exhibition, Donatella Versace’s talk, dinner at Skylon

Monday. TODAY. I’m going to blog some pictures so i’m not so left behind!


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