Looking for part-time interns for KinkyBlueFairy

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Years ago, my fellow bloggers from Singapore asked me why i didn't get an intern (cos all the fashion bloggers in SG had one) and i procrastinated looking for one cos i didn't NEED one yet... well now i do!!

Even though i wish i could multiply myself, I can't, so to be in two places at the same time is just impossible. I need someone part-time to attend and cover events i don't have time to; and in time, to help out with fashion projects that will kick off in May. I don't mind students around 20, i don't mind if you're in between switching jobs at 30. I'm not ageist.

- is capable of writing and taking nice photographs
- loves fashion and lifestyle topics
- has a flexible schedule
- preferably has their own car
- loves to eat. I can't hang out with someone who doesn't eat.
- is enthusiastic, creative and happy!

In return:
- you get to network with or without me at events
- blogpost will be credited and linked to you
- i will cover fuel and parking expenses
- you get free beauty products and clothes, depending how good you are haha

Interested, please email me at joycethefairy@gmail.com with the title 'INTERN'.
Include your blog/twitter/instagram/fb urls where available! THANKS!!

Pass the word around to friends you think might be interested!
No whiners and divas please :p


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