KakiSENI Festival is on 22nd April-1st May @ Pavilion!

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Kakiseni Festival 2013 is a ten-day arts pageant organised by Kakiseni, held in Pavilion KL which will include:
– theatre shows (including new shows like Durian Beckett and Cinta Sang Arnab)
– award-winning international shows like André y Dorine)
– a music stage curated by Moonshine with a mix of new and established acts
– Panggung Muzik by The Wknd (pairing local bands with films like Bunohan and Songlap)
– several workshops with international renowned theatre troupes (Sun Son Theatre of Taiwan, En La Lona of Spain, and Odin Teatret of Denmark)
– a series of Kata Tindak Seni forums on the arts
– an epic awesome big street parade around Pavilion (Jln Sultan Ismail, Jln Bukit Bintang and Jln Raja Chulan will be temporarily closed for this)
– art installations and public art all around the mall
– BOH Cameronian Arts Awards will be held to close the festival.The best thing is – EVERYTHING IS FREE.Workshops require registration, and the cordoned off area for BOH Cameronian Awards in Pavilion’s centre court is invite only (but everyone can view it as it’s in the mall).For more info, visit festival.kakiseni.com

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