Future Music Festival Asia 2013 – Official Aftermovie

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Watching this insane vid done by KIX (amazing stuff Ion and Jess!!!) gave me goosebumps and made me vow to go for both days next year. I feel like i missed out on ASOT now!! -_-

I can’t imagine how much footage you guys had to go through… seriously crazy! But this vid… really establishes Malaysia on the global party map.

Love the vid.
Love being reminded of the acts that were here.
Love the vibe that everyone who went projected.
Love that Livescape put their souls (lives?) on the line to pull this off! (Peeps did look like they were about to collapse)


This must be watched on full-screen.

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  1. ee says:

    Joyce, thank you for posting this. This is a well done video for a trance music event!!! It captured the local flavor/culture as well as the international crowd! I watched this video more than 20 times now, and the video definitely ‘sucked’ me into the party mode within. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more events and hope to join them when i get back to Malaysia !

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